Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Afternoon on Sorrow Mountain

Donna calls her stash/overflow/backstock "Horror Monster." 

Mine is called "Sorrow Mountain."  It lives in a storage unit.

Sometimes, I call it the "Mount of Sorrows."

I also add adjectives:  "The Mount of Many Sorrows" or the "Mount of Constant Sorrow."  (Yes, as in this.)

The adjectives even get colorful from time to time:  "The Fucking Mount of Sorrows."

Why do I call it "Sorrow Mountain"?

Looking in with several items already pulled out.

The items that were pulled out.
 You tell me.

I spent yesterday afternoon there going through about the first third of the unit, trying to bring a bit of order to the process.  I was also looking for three items that I really need for a display idea I have.  One was right up front, but the other two were right smack dab in the middle of everything.  Of course.

I also pulled, and forgot to photograph, a Mazda load and a half to take over to the booth.  I've got lots of space opening up, so I figured I might as well fill it.

I was able to get everything put back in an order that will allow me to access a few loads for the next couple of weeks.  I found a box of my booth dud books, three boxes of books that I was given that aren't my groove, a box of oddball records, and a box of VHS tapes (both left behind during the Dixie move out).  I set them all aside together.  They'll be heading to Half Price Books this weekend.  I won't get a lot for them, but they'll be gone!

I also put aside in one bunch a couple of boxes of comics that need to be bagged and priced and a few bags and baskets of items that need to go home for sorting and then to the booth.  They'll be this weekend's project.

Next to all these set asides, I set up a block of small furniture that is easy to grab and ready to go once I get a bit more free space at the booths.  Once I've got all those things cleared out, I'll have a good-sized footprint opened up that will allow me to start sorting through the back of the unit.  It was a good start, but only a start.

Oh lordy.  What hath I wrought?

This is the face of one who has traveled the Mount of Sorrows.

10 comments: said...

There you are :)) At least you climbed thru Sorrow Mountain but crest have a lot in there. I call my spare room the HELL HOLE. Wait , I call the attic that and oh ya the garage. My daughter is doing a Country Living Show in Columbus next mo. , told her anything in the garage is her's for the taking !!! Then I'll have two hell hole's left. DON'T overdo it !! Hug's from a stranger turned friend !!!!! TT

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You survived the Mount of Sorrows and even brought some order to the chaos. I think it's a good thing to get rid of things that aren't selling and just taking up space in your life! I need to get some of my latest junk photographed so I can share! Small finds but a few really good ones!

Donna Wilkes said...

Horror Monster was quite displeased with me when he saw the the Mount of Sorrows has a storage unit! I know where to draw the line (as long as I can fit it without the hoarder look!) in the house and shed, I can mange to get it cleaned, painted, and tagged and off to the store. I love Tammy's name for her stash and I am afraid I have contributed to both yours and hers. I hope you rested on the seventh day.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

OK. Def. Sorrow Mountain. Very nicely packed in though. What a huge amount pulled out. Lots of good stock though. Hugs. Drink water, rest too.

Shara said...

I think you are very lucky to have Mount Sorrow. My crap is in the house, the garage, the shed, the other shed, the backyard, and right now - even in the car. I need my own Mount Sorrow. But, you slow down and take care of yourself - OKAY????

Sandy in PA said...

Oy, Sparky, that's a lot of stuff. You know what, though, it looks surprising neat for a storage unit! Don't try to re-build Rome in a day! Take care. P.S. Hotter than Heck here in PA.

Judy said...

Hallelujah!! You have been to the Mount of Sorrow... Is there a patron Saint for the Mount? Don't overdo, the mount will be there tomorrow.

Marci said...

The mount sorrow is now maybe more of a molehill of sorrow? At least you got stuff pulled and organized, that always feels good!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Mount of sorrows? LOL

mount of treasures maybe

Unknown said...

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