Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday Rambles

Well, I did it.

Despite all my freaking out and hand-wringing and stressing, I had a truly record month at the Peddlers Mall.  It was great.  I'll be getting my largest check ever for a regular month.  I am so stoked.

I got really worried the middle of the month, when things slowed down for me, particularly because some of my slow days were busy days for the mall.  The strength of my early October sales I knew could carry me over a few bumps, but when the bumps started piling up, I got a little (okay a lot) worried.

Not that anything bad would have happened, mind you.  I still would have had a usual month and gotten a usual check, which would have been okay, but I would have been so disappointed at starting the month so well and coming in just average.  This is why I try not to get my hopes up.

Now it's new month and we'll see what that has to offer.  My Endcap Booth is a total wreck and has been for a while,  I'm going today to fix it and see if I can make it so people will get in the darn thing.

Maybe one of these days, I'll figure out what I'm doing and then I'll be able to have months like this all the time.  Right after that, Chiquito will learn computer programming.

I saw my PCP on Friday.  We're working to try and adjust my meds so that the steroid effect on my blood sugar is lessened.  My great fear is that he would take me off them, but he didn't.  I just don't want to go back to the fatigue days.

Tomorrow, I go for my next treatment.  If I'm counting right, this is number 12, so I'll get another scan before the next one.  It's been one year since I started treatments again.  Last year at this time, I was starting the clinical trial with the belly shots (BLAM!) that didn't work out.  This also means that I've had my Purple Power Port (Engage!) for a year too.  Looking ahead while looking back, New Year's Eve will mark the third anniversary of my surgery that removed Nigel and Sixtus.  We've come a long way, baby.

Wednesday is my birthday, or as I'm calling it now, the marking of my 51st revolution around the sun.  I totally stole that from a Facebook friend.  It sounds so much more cosmic and spectacular than just being another year older.  It sounds more like a quest or something.  "Join me on my revolutions around the sun.  Let us see how many we can make.  It is your destiny."

Thursday, I'm doing my pet-sitting gig with a cute little orange tabby named Frodo.  I won't have access to WiFi  there, so I'll most likely be offline for a few days.  I'm taking a couple of cheesy movies with me to pass the time.  Also comic books.

I'm really excited for this weekend!  It's the Louisville Wizard World Comic Convention, and I am going to be helping Lorraine's husband at his booth.  He's an artisan specializing in steampunk gear, and his creations are amazing!  I am so psyched to be helping out.  It'll be loads of fun.  Back in the day, I helped out a comic book publisher with their booth at the big San Diego Comicon and had a ton of fun doing it.  This was back before it became the big media extravaganza it is now.

Somewhere in between things, I'll be slipping in some junking and a birthday meal.  I usually celebrate my birthday with a big junking fest across town, going to stores that I don't normally hit because they are out of the way or really only worth going to once in a while.  It's pretty normal for me to spread the birthday junkathon throughout the whole month, because one day is not enough to celebrate your 51st revolution around the sun, you know.

I'm going to try and have regular posts this week.  I miss getting comments and emails from some of you all.  I'll also be answering some emails from folks as well.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Pat said...

Happy beginning of your 51st revolution around the sun, Eddie! I, too, think that's a great way of putting it. And happy anniversary of the Purple Power Port - glad he is there to make your life easier. Congrats on the great booth success for October. I haven't had many Ebay sales this week, but I'm getting ready for stuff to start flying out. My family went to see the movie "The Martian" yesterday - pretty good movie, but my DH and DS had an especially good time picking apart the science flaws (neither of them is a practicing astrophysicist).. But you might watch it sometime when you get a chance. Have a happy week!

Roger Owen Green said...

I know what PCP means, but I always think you're talking about getting high...

Melissa said...

So glad to hear that you had your best month ever! Our whole mall was down the entire month. It was pretty disappointing. I did okay. Not my worst month, but fairly close. Usually October is really good. I've gotta start getting my Christmas tagged to take to the booth. Usually November and December are very good for me. Hoping the trend continues!

AND... Happy 51st Evolution Around the Sun! A junk fest sounds amazing. That's exactly what I'd like to do on my birthday, but I'll be in Paris this year (darn it!). Maybe I can hit a Parisian flea market? :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love that part about 'evolution around the sun' fun way to put it. Happy 51st year my friend. Glad the sales were good and we are really entering the holiday season now! I've pulled my back and I'm down for the count it seems. No babysitting this week for me. I feel so old. Take care and keep posting, I miss you when you go silent!
Linda said...

Hi Eddie , I'm a day behind , maybe a week or month .... ?!?! I hope your treatment went well today , maybe macaroni necklaces or at least a pleasant pooch visit :)) I'll wish you a HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY , a day early. I usually milk my birthday for a week . Lol
Well, I've been in sug mode from some new med's , so I'm going to slime myself back to my proper place , the couch !!! Hug's bday boy , TT said...