Monday, October 17, 2016

Can you ramble in bullet points? I'm not sure but I'm going to try.

  • Has anyone else noticed how long some of my blog titles have gotten lately?
  • I think I'm in a dramatic titling phase.
  • I watched a lot of "Pets seeing their owners after long periods of time" videos last night.
  • Because, apparently, I like crying happy tears.
  • This is the week that will either make me or break me at the booth.
  • That means I'm still not done redoing things.
  • I was close to being done.
  • Then I pulled a lot of stuff for our sidewalk sale on Saturday.
  • Which messed everything up again.
  • Don't you hate it when you try to fix a typo and only end up retyping the error?
  • A couple of weeks ago, there was the junk set out in our area.
  • I found great stuff.
  • I still need to take pics of it.
  • This is kind of like only typing the key sentences of each paragraph.
  • I'm hoping you all can fill in the rest.
  • It should be easy.
  • Just add a lot of cussing and cartoon references.
  • You know the drill.
  •  I hope this is legible.
  • Blogger won't let me double-space the bullets.
  • Stupid Blogger.
  • I have to finish this booth stuff this week.
  • Just have to.
  • I am single-handedly killing my sales.
  • Things were starting to bounce back from the summer slump.
  • August ended good for me.
  • Then I started this project in mid-September.
  • And I'm still working on it.
  • Can't sell crap if your booths are trashed.
  • Sigh.
  • The manager told me last week that I am over $700 off from this time last October, so far.
  • October is always a good month for me.
  • I only have a sad smidgeon of fall stuff out.
  • And no Halloween.
  • Sad smidgeons are the worst.
  •  Smidgeons should be happy.
  • Make a smidgeon happy today.
  • Won't you?
  • I used to think I knew what I was doing.
  • Maybe that was my mistake.
  • Chiquito says "Hi!"
  • It's my own fault.
  • I screwed myself by trying to start it all at once.
  • I should have gone a bit at a time.
  • Or just left well enough alone.
  • I got overwhelmed.
  • When I get overwhelmed, I get depressed.
  • Not sad.
  • Depressed.
  • Real depression.
  • I've dealt with it most of my life.
  • Usually, it's under control.
  •  The meds help me a lot.
  • But sometimes, it sneaks out.
  • Like when I'm overwhelmed.
  • When I get overwhelmed, I get paralyzed.
  • It's harder to make decisions and get things done.
  • It's also easier to get distracted.
  • Sometimes, I actually end up working on other things that I can do quickly.
  • Because it's easier than dealing with the overwhelming.
  • One day, I helped the manager clean out an evicted booth.
  • When my own spaces looked like hot shit on a stick.
  • Cleaning out the other booth was something I could get done.
  • And feel like I had accomplished something at the end of the day.
  • Depression makes you think funny like that.
  • I think I got over the hump last week.
  • It's looking less daunting.
  • Maybe I can get done this time.
  • Before it's time to redo again.
  • ACK!
  • The sidewalk sale was only so-so.
  • It was slow for everyone all day.
  • I was unloading perennial shelf-sitters.
  • At the end of the day, I just started giving stuff away.
  • That always works.
  • Now I have more room for new stuff.
  • I hope I can take pics this week to show everyone.
  • That's my goal.
  • I also hope to have a week full of stupid, silly posts for you all.
  • Because I love you.
  •  Seriously.
  • I do.
  • Thanks for sticking with this ridiculous blog.
  • Music for Monday:

  • This is in honor of Chris Thile's debut as the new host of the Prairie Home Companion over the weekend.
  • Plus, it's a  fun bit of music nerdery.
  • And nerds always ROCK!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh Eddie, I understand! I hope the booth gets organized so you can stop stressing about it. That ugly depression has gotten to me this month also. I think I'm starting to see some light now and feeling much better. Hi Chiquito! Hang in there my friend. I'm hoping to finally get a blog post up this week. I think being MIA is going around the blog world!! HUGS!!!

Donna Wilkes said...

A Responsive Comment To Eddie from Eddie-torial With Typos From Distreesed Dona Dwon Hokme

*Booths are hard work - customers do not understand that when they comment how messy the booth is.
*I am currently underwhelmed which is almost as bad as being overwhelmed.
*Being overwhelmed IS depressing, not just sad.
*Being underwhelmed does not elicit any response.
*Wille, Scout, Azalee, and Miss Peepers sy "Hi' to Chiquito.
*Chucks does not.
*Chucks says "Are you getting off that conputersoon?"
*September was the worse month for me since staRTING IN 1998.
*It paid the rent - you don't make any money that wya.
*October has started great.
*Hope it lasts.
*Have too much junk in booth - time for FREE PILE.
*My niece plays mandolin.
*She is a genre-hopping musician.
*I an going to the State Fair and NOT doing any work today.
*I love your long titles.
*Even if they are longer than the actual post.

Donna Wilkes said...

*I am now unhappy Linda beat me to being the FIRST commenter.
*I am competitive like that.

Shara said...

The way you feel about your booth is how I feel about my house right now. Stuff every where and no where to put it. I closed my booth and drug it all home. Heck I have shelves on a pallet under a tarp in my side yard because I AM CLASSY LIKE THAT. It's behind a fence, but still. Then I did the Junk Ranch and drug all that stuff back home - it's all Christmas and I have NO WHERE to store it or to display it since I don't have that booth anywhere. So, instead of dealing with my messes what do I do - I go junking. DUH. I found some good stuff, then I get home and remember that I have too much stuff already. But, it's new stuff so YAY! I hope you are feeling better and get over your hump. Depression is a scary thing - know that we all love you! My cats are too self involved to say hi. Pity is busy licking the hair off her stomach. She is bald as a cue ball. Doory is passed out with a line of drool on the couch and Smokey is hiding uder the bed for the next twelve hours until he will suddenly dart to the window and claw at it while yowling for twelve hours. Geex, I gotta get out of here!!!! <3 you! PS Do any robots every leave comments on your blog?????

We are: Clamco said...

I like the rambling in bullet points. That's kind of how my brain works. lol

Melissa said...

- This post makes me want to give you a big hug.
- It also makes me want to drive the 2.5 hours down to Louisville and spend the day helping you re-work your booths.
- Too bad my day job gets in the way of having fun.
- Do not worry about how you are feeling about your booths.
- I feel that way nearly 100% of the time about mine.
- Sales were REALLY good until August.
- Now slowwwwwwww.
- Makes me want to quit.
- But if I just give it another month maybe sales will pick up again.
- Hope everything picks up soon.
- Looking forward to your pictures.
- I am always amazed what people set out in the trash piles.
- You always find the best stuff during junk set out time.
- Have a happy Tuesday!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

HUGS Ed and one step, one step etc. Family of bloggers who have booths and work so HARD to find, haul, clean, research, price, tag, haul, place, rearrange and repeat and who live with boxes of stuff in the house until it is cleaned.... and repeat.

Judy said...

Aw, Eddie...sending love right back at ya! Hope you're feeling chipper soon.