Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fenomenal Foto Funnies!

Still embroiled in battle with the booths, so here's some random pics of randomness for your entertainment.

First up some bits of fortune cookie wisdom:

Try not to think too hard about the way these two might fit together.

This was the roster for a recent weekend animation fest.

It was a good weekend.

Classic yard sale parking job I saw a couple of weeks ago

The house is on the corner of two streets.  There were spaces to park on both streets.  What did they do?  Literally parked on the corner!!!  These are my people?

I'm used to seeing odd lots of stuff at the curb these days.  In fact, I seek it out!  However, I do have to say that finding a neatly folded pile of clothes on the corner is kind of new to me. 

Although, I do have to admit it was set out time!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love fortune cookies fortunes! I've started saving mine in a jar...weird I know.

Shara said...

A phone dump post! Yay!

Roger Owen Green said...

Top pic - true 'nuff!