Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Look at the Booths (Part 1)

I'm still working on the other spaces.  I decided to stay in and rest yesterday, since it was raining,  I've been trying not to have too much downtime post-treatment, but I really do better when I have a day or so off.  I'm heading back over today, so maybe I'll have more pics after that.

Typical comments about the horrible lighting at the place apply.

Anyway, here's what's been done so far:

This is my main vintage/primitive/decor booth, which is one of my most popular.  This is the right half of the booth.  I've been working on thinning it out, re-zoning the merch, adding more small furniture, and cleaning things up.  Since I took this pic, the chair and wicker hamper have sold, along with the green chairs in the back.

 This is the end of that booth.  The first shelf here is all Louisville Stoneware and Bybee Pottery.

This is the left side of that booth.  That white shelf in the foreground is what started the whole process.  I sold the shelf that was sitting there and did not have one to replace it.  A vendor friend was looking to unload that white ine cheap, so I took it, only to find out that it was six inches too long to fit in the spot where I needed it.  This prompted a game of Booth Tetris to get the shelves in the right places, which meant I had to take some things of of them.  At the point I was thought: "In for a penny.  In for a pound."  And the booth re-do began!

 This is my salvage booth, which now needs more work done on it, because I added a bunch to it with the Junk Set Out haul.

Finally, there's a rent special on right now.  Rent a new booth for two months and get the third one free.  I decided to do it, because we were anticipating getting some large items from my mother-in-law.  That has fallen through, but I've ended up making several trips a week now to the Mount of Sorrows to haul stuff off of it, so it's working out well.  In this pic, the rolling cart in the foreground left has sold, along with the chair beside the painting of the lady.

If that last space looks kind of familiar, that's because I rented it a while back, but gave it up because I could not deal with the fire extinguisher pole.  I took it again, because it was the only space in my aisle that was available.  I'm not willing to walk any further than I have to when I am stocking and cleaning.  This space will go away once the rent special ends.  As long as it helps me clear a bunch of stuff out, it will have served its purpose.

 I have a goal set to move into a smaller storage space by June of this year.  At this point, I only have three large items left standing in the way of that move.  Thanks to this new space (and the booth re-do), things have been moving along pretty quickly. 

I'll share the set out stuff tomorrow.


Melissa said...

I've gotta get down to your vendor mall and shop! Your spaces look great!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your booths are looking great! I hope you are moving big things and can move into that smaller storage space soon. You said the magic word, pottery, and now I want to look up Bybee Pottery and Louisville stoneware!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good plan, stuff in stuff out. A rental of 3 for 2 months and filling the space with furniture is a good plan. Love seeing your booths. Hugs.