Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Rambles


It's Monday!  I'm rambling!  Will wonders never cease?


Has my forehead always been this wrinkly?  Also, is my hair thinning?


This is going to be an unusual week for us here.  I have treatment tomorrow.  If I feel up to it, I'm going to go see Black Panther afterwards.  If not, I'll be seeing it later in the week, for sure. 

Keith is heading to Arkansas after dropping me off at the cancer center.  It's moving day for his mother, and he's going to help out.  It's been a long, stressful journey for everyone concerned--one that demands its own post.  Tucker and I will be holding down the fort here.  Woo hoo!  Cartoons all the time!


After today, I should have the big booth redo I've been working on for several weeks now completed.  I've just got a few more things to do, including taking pics, and I'll be able to do the big reveal here.  This has been a real challenge this time around.

Just as soon as I would get one part done, a really large prominent item would sell, meaning I'd have to start on that part all over again.  Then junk set out hit last week while I was still working on the booth, adding in more big, new stuff to deal with.  On top of all this, Keith has been inspired by his mother's ordeal to start downsizing, which means more things for me to deal with. (So. Many. Books.)  On the other hand, getting that crap out of the house has been nice.  We even got a new bed to celebrate.

Speaking of junk set out, it was kind of short this time around.  It rained off and on. It was cold.  Not much stuff got put out.  Regular spots didn't participate. Then, the trucks came through extremely early in the week and it was all over.  Despite all of this, I did get two mice Mazda loads of stuff.  I just finished getting pictures of it all, so I'll be sharing those too.


Not much else to talk about right now, so let's cut right to a very special Music for Monday.  Seriously, even if you normally skip these videos, check this one out.  It's awesome!

Old Sesame Street kicks ass.

Have a good week!  Watch out for wrinkly foreheads and buckets with holes!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I love that video!! You are right old Sesame Street was the best! I watched it with my kids in the 80's and it rocked! Glad you got the booth going well and selling is always a good thing right? I need to downsize more but it's yet to happen. I need to recover from this surgery first..ugh!

Roger Owen Green said...

Fodder for my July 23 blog post. Seriously.