Friday, February 23, 2018

Set Out Finds!

Like I said on Monday, Junk Set Out was not as extensive this time around.  This is pretty typical for the winter set out.  Fall and spring are always going to be bigger.  The only time the winter set out is really spectacular is when we have a really mild winter.  Nevertheless, I did find a couple of good Mazda-loads of stuff.  Honestly, as long as I can find even a few things that will sell. I think it's worth it.

Everything went right to the mall, which is where I took these pics. As usual, I only took pics of the highlights.

I kept running across safety cones in various piles, so I decided that I needed to grab a couple.  The tall one in the middle has been signed by a lot of people for some reason.  The white and black thing on the right is a pan drawer from an old stove.  I thought it was interesting.  The small black table had pebbles or tiles or something glued on the top and then removed.  I figure that makes it a good DIY project.

Nearly everything in this photo has already sold. Right after I took the pic, I went to the restroom.  When I came back, the blue folding chair was gone.  Someone had bought it.  I did not need another trunk, but I can't resist them.  Not only has it sold, but one of the other ones I had at the booth has, so now I actually need some!  I always grab media racks.  Even in this age of streaming and downloads and clouds and such, there are still people who own and use physical copies of media.  Many of them shop at flea markets.  The suitcases were all nested inside each other, along with a matching purse and the keys for all of them.  Out of this whole lot, the only things that are left are the largest suitcase and the chair on the left.

A crate of old counter-weights for doors.

I am always excited to find a wheel or two.  A guy came by and bought this one right after this pic was taken.

It is probably too early for orchard-style baskets, but I found five in various sizes.

The basket on top is not as old as it may seem, but it has sold. I love my large spools, even when they are plastic.  You need to enlarge this pic and read the painted sign in the middle.  Apparently, someone gave the kids the ends of trim from a project to decorate, which is cool. I found a whole batch of these.  I did not even see the Fleur-di-lis on the cutting board in the back when I picked it up.  The old brush was buried in a whole bin of toys I picked up.  The silver bowl was the first thing I picked up.

It has these little engraved tabs around the edge.  I thought at first I had some kind of vintage cigar ashtray, until I realized the  engraving includes a web address.

Drawers, gates, and fruit crates--oh my!  I needed drawers, too.  Sadly, there were no windows and I really need those too.  The black chair was the only find (other than a bunch of reno debris) from the house at the bottom of the hill which usually always has a HUGE pile of stuff.  The tee-ball stand is Little Tikes--my old friend.

Final find--sweet blue chairs with woven seats.  These were sitting on the curb in the rain.  I thought the seats were never going to dry out so I could put them in the booth.  It took three days!

And that wraps up this set out.  Now to count the days until June!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great finds. I love the nesting suitcases and the blue folding chair. So I would have bought both of those items. I love free and you do find the best stuff. Hugs!

Melissa said...

It seriously always amazes me at what you find FOR FREE on the curb!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Fast sales. Good stuff. Free is good.
Hugs Eddie.


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