Tuesday, September 12, 2006

As Everyone Is on the Verge of Dropping Me from Their Blogrolls

Okay, where to begin? Mmmm…

Well, I guess I can start with this little guy. His name is Chiquito, and we rescued him from the street in front of our house a couple of weeks ago. We’re back to being a three cat household and the social order is still adjusting.

He’s just a sweetie pie! And he has the biggest ears I’ve ever seen on a kitten.

This Friday, he’s got an appointment to get his little boy parts taken care of. I’m hoping that will settle him down a little. He's quite the little bundle of energy!

Then there’s the garden. From this lowly start to this:

Anyone want any Roma tomatoes? We've been hauling in batches like this all summer! We’ve also been having lots of lovely homemade salsa!

Saw this in the post office the other day, stuck to the back of the stamp machine.

While I do think the Bush=Nazi imagery is a bit simplistic and over-used, I did have to applaud the artistic initiative and the use of the priority mail label. After all, if you're going to vandalize the Post Office, let them supply you with the materials.

Little Known Fact:

Public trash cans are entitled to breaks, just like any other municipal employee.

When I was a kid, it seemed like it was awfully hard to find personalized stuff with my name on it. I’ve never quite figured out why, since Eddie really isn’t that uncommon. We always found lots of stuff for Edwards and Eds, but no Eddies, unless we had it special ordered. As a result, when I do see Eddie scrawled on something, it catches my eye.

I think this must be for a band or a street gang. Maybe a performance art troupe.

Saw this at a yard sale over the weekend:

It actually rocks like a see saw. The people selling said it was an old prop from a play at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville. Once I took out the phone to get a pic, they started working the hard sell on me.

I think it either looks like something upon which one would sacrifice children and small animals to the nether gods, or something that would come alive in the middle of the night and eat everyone in the household. I politely declined the offer to purchase it.

Lastly, a word to the wise:

The all-knowing Eddie-torial Eye is watching you!


Roger Owen Green said...

we were speculating about that Eddie guyy, you know, the one who used to blog. know him?

Dorian said...

Man...if I could talk Pete into that deer head see-saw thing, it would so be mine!

EM said...

Never heard of him, Roger.