Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Screwing Up the Mix (Part 2)

Well, Kelly's decided that only she, Roger, and Lefty actually particpated in her exchange, which I guess is probably true. But, I promise, my discs are finally on the way!!!!! To kind of make up for being so late, I decided to include a couple of bonuses, so maybe folks wouldn't think quite so poorly of me.

First off, I threw in copies of When Bloggers Collide, the mix I made for Gordon when we got together in July. It's all Americana, all the time, but that's largely because I didn't decide to make the disc until the day before we went to Saint Louis. When in a hurry, I tend to work with what I know best. Plus, I already had those songs ripped.

I apparently did not save the artwork for the cover, so I did a new one, which means that Gordon has an exclusive, limited edition, which is the way it should be, I think. Anyway, here's what's on that disc:

Tennesse Bird Walk (Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan): Just a silly little country ditty from the 70's that I happen to love. When I was a kid, I actually drew a comic strip to go along with the verses.

Leather Britches (Adrienne Young and Little Sadie): I'm always partial to contemporary bands who work in traditional stylings.

Day Like Any Other (Amy Levere): I also like artists that manage to combine musical genres in forms that actually utilize the best parts of each one. Amy Levere does this so well, I don't know whether to call her stuff twangy jazz or jazzy twang.

Valentine (Old 97s): Interestingly enough, Lefty was listening to Fight Songs, the album this comes from, a few weeks ago. One of these days I want to put together a collection of the saddest pretty songs (or should that be prettiest sad songs?) I can find. This one will be on the list. I like that these roots rockers can do a song that sounds so folky.

This is Us (Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler): I just love this song!

I'll Oilwells Love You (Dolly Parton): Somewhat of a throwaway from her very first album, but I like its "tongue in cheek-ness." This was recorded several years before she wrote I'll Always Love You.

Sweet Old World (Lucinda Williams): Taking a slightly morbid turn, now.

Can't Make It Here (James McMurtry): And then a shift to something more political. This country is reaping the bitter harvest of the Reagan revolution and it ain't pretty. This song sums it up perfectly.

Mists of Down Below (The Duhks): Just another band I love in that neo-traditional mode. They have a new one coming out this month.

Don't Be Sorry (Meat Purveyors): "Don't be sorry. Just be gone." They're not ones to mince words. I love the Purveyors and their spin on the string band. This is from their new one.

Vincent Black Lightning 1952 (Del McCoury Band): Again. (Honestly, I'm really not trying to brag about this or flaunt it, but it's one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me. I can't help being a little verbose about it.)

The Rowing Song (Patti Griffin): This is my favorite from her release a couple years ago. I love the trumpet part and the repetition.

My Sweet Love Ain't Around (Rhonda Vincent): Love, love, love Rhonda Vincent. I think she captures that classic "high, lonesome" bluegrass sound perfectly, mixing it with just a twinge of old country honky-tonk.

Acres of Corn (Iris Dement): Again with Iris and a sad immigrant's tale from a Tom Russell album.

Dirty Little Town (Kieran Kane): Emmylou appearance. I like Kane's dark take on country music.

My Own Mind (Lyle Lovett): Who doesn't love Lyle Lovett?

Great Hank Williams (Robert Earl Keen): A stranger turn from REK, who usually isn't quite this off the wall. I couldn't resist the image of Hank Williams in drag!

Jesus is Coming (John Eddie): As the Teletubbies say "Again! Again!

When I started this project, I wasn't intending to send Gordon's disc to the Summer mix folks, so I re-used a couple of songs. I figured it wouldn't hurt, since the discs were going to different folks. So I hope that Chris, Kelly and Roger don't mind the repeats when they finally get their discs. (Plus the artist overlap that resulted.)

I also decided that I needed to include something special for each recipient, so each participant also has a disc that none of the others got.

For Kelly, I put together a compilation of songs by Kate Campbell and Carrie Newcomer, two of my favorite singer-songwriters. I've always found comfort in their music, along with a non-threatening spirituality and a respect for others and the roads they've traveled. I'm hoping it might take her mind off her pain for a little while, or at least make it a little easier to bear. It's not much, but since I'm kind of short on medical miracles, it's the best I can do.

Lefty got an EP of songs from Hammell on Trial, which I think he will appreciate. When I played Hammell's new disc, Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs, I kept thinking "Chris has got to hear this. He'd love it!" I didn't want to copy the whole disc for him, so I made him a teaser EP, that I hope will prompt him to seek it out and buy it. And, Chris, I do mean that tag that says you'll probably get fired if you play this at work!

Finally, for Roger, I'm returning his copy of the Songs Eddie Mitchell Should Own mix and asking nicely that he actually send me his summer mix disc.

Finally, if anyone would like a copy of Backpack Full of Tunes or When Bloggers Collide, drop me a line at eddieboyky (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll try to get one out to you before we leave on vaction next week. Right now, I'm working on actually surprising everyone in Gordon's Law and Order exchange by having my stuff out on time!


Roger Owen Green said...

I really sent you that? Why didn't you say so sooner? I thought you just didn't love us any more! OK, I'll send it with my Gordonesque disc.

EM said...

Yes, you really sent it Roger. Don't sweat it though. Stuff happens. I wanted to wait until my own discs were on the way before making any comments on the ones I got. It didn't seem right to do otherwise.

Also, I will always love you all, Roger. Don't worry.