Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No TIme! NoTime! Oh My!

Got too much going on this week getting ready to fly out on vacation on Thursday, so blog-time is a tad limited right now.

How about an Emmylou Harris video to pass the time?

Maybe more later!


Lefty said...

Eddie I have another Cd you must run out and buy. Just read in the new Rolling Stone that Solomon Burke has a new disc out today that has a more Country-ish/Americana feel to it, with tracks duets with Emmylou and Dolly Parton!

Hmm, good week for music, Scissor Sisters, My Morning Jacket's live disc, and the Solomon Burke disc.

EM said...

I've been reading about that one too, Lefty! It sounds great. Buddy Miller produced it. It's on my list, but it's going to have to wait until after vacation. However, my birthday's in November, so I'll be making several music purchases then.

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