Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas Bully!

Been watching quite a few cartoons lately. More than in years, in fact. Part of it is that there are some shows on Cartoon Network that I'm enjoying right now. Part of it is that Cartoon Network has been showing some longer animated features I've wanted to see. And part of it is my old friend Boomerang and the nostalgia thing. I've even been dipping into my stack of unwatched anime DVD's. But all of that is a subject for another time.

Nevertheless, all of this consuming and thinking about animation has made me think about one of my favorite bloggers, namely Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull. Bully's one of my blogging heroes. Not only is he the cutest blogger out there (sorry Dorian!), but he writes with a combination of wit, innocence and insight that continually supports the central tenet of his blog: Comics oughta be fun, and if they aren't, then shame on them! He's also incredibly well-read.

Many bloggers have a regular weekly feature or two that keeps content flowing to their blogs, but Bully may actually have more than anybody else: Wodehouse a Week, Separated at Birth, Ten of a Kind, and my favorite: Saturday Morning Cartoons, a celebration of the best and most fun animated material YouTube has to offer. (now you see where this post is going...)

So, when I started to think about saluting some of my favorite bloggers and giving them gifts for the holidays via my blog, Bully was easy to "shop" for. I'm giving him one of my favorite video--Chicos de Barrio doing the Mucha Lucha theme song, featuring a gazillion clips from the show.

¡Es la tradiciĆ³n!

Merry Christmas, Bully!

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