Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quite Possibly The Greatest Cross-Cultural Mash-Up Ever!

Old-time all-female string band in a traditional clogging match with cheesy Kung Fu movie fighters? I'm so there!

Uncle Earl: "Streak o'Lean, Streak o'Fat"

The banjo player is shouting Mandarin phrases throughout the song, which is what I think inspired the video. I remember an interview on NPR a couple of years ago where she talked about her music studies in China and her work with a traditional Chinese instrument similar to a banjo. She eventually recorded a few songs in Mandarin on her solo album.

Here's some more Uncle Earl, this time from the River of Music Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky. I've not been to this festival, but very much hope to at some point.

Uncle Earl: "One True"

I love the line about candy bars!

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