Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Finds: Modeling from the Inside Out

I found these at a thrift a while back. I was never into modeling as a kid. I think it was because cars and trucks and planes and the like just didn't interest me that much. I did have a Robin model, but that was it. And I never painted him. I just put it together. Not my thing.

I think I would have gotten into these, however. I always loved it when we got to the part in science class that covered the parts of the body. There was a time when I could still name all the bones in the body. Now I just refer to them as the ones that hurt most of the time and the ones that hurt all of the time. The non-nom-nom and non-shopping parts of getting older really suck.

Anyway, I flipped out when I found these and had to get them. How cool are they? I mean, really, build your own ear! Who wouldn't love that?

I just wish the rest of the body had been there too. I'd love to have a spleen model.

Speaking of that old Robin model, here's what someone with a lot more time, money, equipment, drive, desire, interest, etc, did with it:

Kind of cool, in a nerdy sort of way.  Just the way I like it.

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