Thursday, December 16, 2010

I hate it when that happens!

I was in a thrift the other day and they were playing some country station over the intercom.  All of a sudden one of those songs comes on that never fails to get stuck in my head for days.  As is typical for earworms, what actually gets stuck with me is one particular phrase, playing over and over and over again, never progressing because I actually don't know the rest of the damn song!

So, of course, I have to head to YouTube to try and find it and break the spell.  And I did:

But now, I have to wonder how badly I've screwed with my YouTube recommendations.  I mean, I listened to the Judds, for god's sake!  Will the denizens of YouTube now try to entice me to...what...check out....oh my god...Clint Black?  Garth Brooks?  Or worse?  Billy Ray Cyrus?

What's going to happen to my cool alt-countrystreet cred when this gets out?



Roger Owen Green said...

Don't worry. After playing Andy Gibb, your musical cred is shot all to hell.


EM said...

He was with ABBA! Doesn't that count for something?