Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Monday Rambles on a Wednesday

I don't have any action from the Part-Time Gig (PTG) going on this week, so I'm trying really hard to get some posting done and end up with several set to go over the next few days.  I've gotten used to blogging several times a week now, so I really hate lapsing back into old habits.  I didn't even do an April Fool's post.  Sigh!

Of course, I'm posting this on Wednesday evening, even though it was all written and ready to go, except for the links, on Sunday night.  Guess you can see how well that plan worked.  Sigh!

The one wrinkle in this plan is that I'm also cat-sitting this week.  I've got spotty wifi access in that location, which may throw me off a bit.  I'm needing to stop by the house on several days, though, so maybe that will help me overcome those issues.  I have some things at home I'm needing to get done, including a large booth load (more on that in a minute), and I'm hoping if I come home and spend sometime with Kosh, he won't be quite so panicked while I'm gone.  I'll probably just end up confusing him even more when I leave.  Who knows what goes on in that furry little head?

Okay, now that I've kept my promise from last week, here's the weather report.  Lots of cold, cloudy days last week gave way to a nice weekend.  We're supposed to be in for some warmer, sunny days this week.  I'm looking forward to it.

Expect the March Booth Report and March Book Report by the end of the week.  Both are quite different from previous editions.  There was a lot of drama and suspense along the way, but I did set a sales record last month.  That's all I'll say for now.

Nasty rumors are going around that ABC is going to cancel All My Children and One Life to Live.  I do hope not.  I've never quite gotten into AMC--Susan Lucci's appeal as an actress eludes me--but I do like to catch OLTL when I can.  If it happens, that will leave just four daytime soaps on the air, and ABC will join NBC as a one soap network.  NBC still has Days of Our Lives and General Hospital would be ABC's sole offering.

The budget restraints NBC has placed on Days and really taking its toll on the show these days (sorry about that).  I'm watching less than ever.  I'd hate to see GH go the same way, even though it's pretty well down that path.  The loops they had to twist into the story in order to keep Tony Geary out of recent scenes where Luke Spencer's grandson was dying were enormous.  But, if he'd set foot in the hospital, it probably would have driven the day over budget, so we had endless scenes with Geary and one other person begging Luke to go to the hospital and him resisting.  (There was some good acting from Liz Herbst, Jonathon Jackson, Steve Burton, and Laura Wright, throughout that story though.)

That's the huge catch-22 that soaps are caught in right now.  Fans of all ages want to see the veteran actors and characters involved in major story, but the shows can't afford to play them.  I'm not blaming Geary or Lucci or OLTL's Erika Slezak, mind you.  They've done their time and are part an parcel of what has made their shows last over the years.  They certainly deserve everything they make.  The problem lies with network bean counters who are demanding that shows increase their rating revenue, but don't give them the tools they need to do so.  It's only going to keep getting worse at NBC and ABC until someone takes a look at CBS and realizes that Young and Restless plays its major veteran characters in scenes with more than one other character, involves them in constant major story and the world doesn't end.

This Saturday is another special event at the mall where I have my booth.  They'll have hot dogs and stuff for sale, and vendors are encouraged to be on hand to make deals with customers.  I did pretty well at the last one in December, so I'm on board for sure.  I'm planning to spend Friday at the booth getting ready.  I'm going to let everything ride this week in the hope that a lot of stuff will clear out, then I'll swoop in and restock, foof, move things around and add some signs to point out some stuff I really want to see go home with someone.

Hit one of my favorite church sales over the weekend.  Got an overstuffed box o' goodies for about fifteen bucks. You can see the pic here and read a little more about it.  It's pretty much a given that I'll end up with a box at a church sale.  The real question is what kind of check out person I'll have.  There are two types.

Type One:  The "I really don't want to unpack and repack that whole box of stuff, so I'm going to make an offer of 10 or so dollars" type. I really like these folks!

Type Two:  The "I have to do my duty to this sale and check every item and total it" type.  This is the one I got and I think she ended up regretting her approach about halfway through.  I can pack me a box, folks.  In fact, at this sale, I had to upgrade to a larger box two times!  Plus, I have smallsphasia, which means I'm driven to sell lots of small items in the booth.  That means I have to buy lots of them.

Then, there was the presence of another church sale volunteer type throughout my box:  The volunteer who never gets the memo that it's easier for the checkers to add if everything is priced in increments of .25.  So, this poor woman had to deal with my box stuffed with smalls, many marked at prices like .10, .05, or .35.  I did feel sorry for her.  Not enough to put anything back, mind you, but enough to try and help her out.

There's a story that explains why this is one of our favorite sales, by the way.  And it's got nothing to do with stuff or prices.  I'll get around to telling it some time.

And on that, I'll say:  "Goodbye until next time!"

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