Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Rambles

Well, we went from near 80's to wintry mix in the course of a week.  Welcome to Spring in Kentucky!  Forecast looks more typical for this time of year this week, which means showers at some point.  Still, better showers than more wintry mix.

Next week, I promise I'll lead with something other than a weather report.

Cold, windy weather didn't stop the yard sales from happening over the weekend, thankfully.  I'm still on limited buying mode right now, but I picked up a few things, including a basket of vintage flower frogs, some vintage Christmas stuff, and a stack of ValueTales books.  Not too shabby.

Sales were pretty awesome over the weekend, after a so-so week.  The analysis is going to be interesting this time around.  I've got lots of holes to fill when I go in to re-stock, which means that some of this overstock will be going away.  That's also a good thing.

As a part of the good weekend, by the way, the most expensive item I've ever had in the booth sold!

The trees all around town, including the one in front of our house, are blooming.  Thankfully, the colder weather doesn't seem to have affected them.

I do apologize for the lack of posts last week.  It might continue for the next couple of weeks.  I'm not sure.  I'm having a hard time getting a handle on the Part Time Gig this time around.  It's a good deal more challenging, which I'm enjoying because I'm getting to do some different things, but it's cutting into other time.  Maybe I can carve out a little time to get some posts scheduled.  If nothing else, I'll have a bit of a break next week, so I can get something done then.

I'll also have another round of cat-sitting that week (for the whole week), so poor Kosh will have a rough time of it.  Keith says that when I'm gone, Kosh seems to think that, if he's just sweet and loving enough, Keith will go get me and bring me home.  Poor guy.

One thing I need to do this week is get the bike out, check it out, and get it ready for riding.  It's been too long.

Oh dear.  I have no way to end this one, so I guess I'll just stop typing.  Rambles, indeed.

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Ms Jackie's Junque said...

Glad to hear you had a good "saleing" weekend. Mine wasnt too bad either! :). I picked up two sweet vintage Pottery Barn-esque suitcases and some other good stuff.

Also glad to hear your booth sales are going well. It seems like for the last couple of weeks mine have screeched to a halt. I'm hoping things were better Saturday. I guess I'll know this afternoon when I go by to straighten up!