Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fun Finds: You Gotta Have Heart!

I found this one at a thrift over the weekend.  While I was primarily there looking for furniture, I could not pass this baby up.

I mean seriously, Catholic Saint Bingo?  Of  course I'm getting it!  (Although why they just didn't call it "Saint" instead of "Heart" is beyond me.  It's got the right amount of letters!)

The rules are kind of odd though.  The caller has so many different ways to call that it seems a little like overkill.  I think it should have a "confessional" box that you shake until a little plastic figure of a saint falls out, which is then called out.

Honestly, it looks like one of those things someone thought up because they wanted to come up with something "good for kids" to play.  Still, the whole idea is a bit of a hoot.  I'd love to be in a huge bingo hall and hear people calling out "Olaf!"  "Cunegund!"  "Venerable Bede!"  It would be a blast!

That actually reminds me of a story about my mom.  When I was a kid, she decided that when she got to heaven, she wanted the job of calling out the names of people to get in line and be checked out to see if they got in or not.  Deciding that she had a better shot of getting this job if she practiced at it before she got there, she walked around the house for a couple of weeks shouting "Nahum!"  "Habakkuk!"  "Esther!" every so often.  It was never boring at my house, let me tell you.

My only question now is whether I should put it with my other games, in my religion section, or in my Valentine's Display?

What would you do?

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