Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Rambles

Ever notice how when you ride your bike on a windy day, no matter which way you turn or which direction you go, the wind is always in your face?  How is that possible?

I've been stopping at a nearby White Castle after work to grab a cup of coffee before heading home.  I learned from my mother the value of a mid-afternoon cup, so I try to grab one whenever I can.  It's good just to sit and unwind for a few minutes.  I looked at my receipt a couple of days ago and realized they've been giving me the senior discount!

The weather is supposed to be pretty nice this week, which is good.  I'm back teaching at a site that is smack dab in between three of my regular thrifts and pap's running low on smalls!  Seriously, I am down to just two tubs of my winter stock.  While it is a good thing to be using stock, it's still a little ways until the yard sales really kick in, so I cannot run totally out just yet.

Weather last week was a bit all over the place.  Cold, windy, warm, rainy--you name it, we had it!

We made a quick run back to the old hometown on Saturday to retrieve a couple of my mother's old yearbooks and a few photos that hadn't made it our way.  We ended up coming back with a truckload of furniture and have another load to go back and grab this Saturday.  Just another story in the goofy tale of my family and my life as a junker.  Let's just say the booths are now quite full.

Sales have been out of sight for the most part this past week.  I had one of the treasured hundred dollar days at the Peddlers Mall yesterday, courtesy of a guy who knocked my comic inventory from three short boxes down to only two.  He bought out all of my manga single issues, except for the large anthology titles like Shonen Jump.   I am moving through stuff there at a very fast rate, hence the depletion of the winter stock. 

YesterNook has been pretty good as well, if not as consistently steady.  It does seem now that as soon as I get something set up and staged and holding lots of smalls, it sells.  I've done much better with furniture this week and am set for a record month there.  Not bad for someone that some of the others consider a flea market rat, huh?

Since I'm night teaching as well this week, I'm not riding the bike as much.  It's too much to get it home and put away and still catch the bus to my evening sites.  Kind of a shame, since it is so nice.  Hope it holds until the weekend.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Yes, that's true of the bike wind. I was going to pull it out this week, but the stuff I have to schlep for the week (bottled water AND milk) makes it too difficult tomorrow, then Wednesday we may actually get snow.