Sunday, February 05, 2012

Welcome to Sunday Services

Eddie-tor's Note:  I'm starting an occasional feature (and, really, what about this blog isn't occasional?) here dedicated to various takes on matters theological.  Seems fitting for a Sunday.  It's the closest to "real" church I get these days.  Enjoy.

Welcome to the First Ed-boro Episcabaptecostalicterian Church of God in Jehovah Jesus Christ of Saint Margaret-Mary-Vladimir-Athanasius-Bartholomew in Eternal Holiness and Mercy!  We're glad you decided to join us today.  If you're new to our congregation, the routine is simple:  Stand when everyone else stands.  Sit when they sit.  Put money in the plate when it passes.  You'll fit right in!

Today is a special service here at FEECGJJCSM-M-V-A-BEHM!  We have a guest evangelist this morning.  The Right-Left Reverend Iris Dement, who is here with a lesson on forgiveness.  Take away, Rev. Iris!

And, as a special bonus, here's Rev. Iris on the afterlife:

And that's it this week from First Ed-boro!

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