Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Rambles

Hope everyone had a safe holiday and was able to stay relatively cool and collected.  I'm guessing there were not a lot of fireworks shows out there due to the weather.  I was kind of worried that folks in the neighborhood were going to burn everything down with the stuff they went across the river to buy.

I'm well into the triple digits with posts, and by the end of next week, I should be cruising to totals unseen on this blog.  Indeed, every post shall become the new record!  (Sometimes, I think reading all of those Marvel comics as a kid really heightened my flair for the over-dramatic.)

We beat the heat by heading to the woods for the weekend.  Between the trees, the breeze and a couple of battery powered fans, we made out okay.  It was very, very nice and relaxing.  I'm not nearly as heavily into camping as Keith is, but a getaway every now and then is okay with me.

Last Friday would have been Mom's 71st birthday.  Coincidentally, earlier in the week, I was working in our shed and found yet more boxes of her stuff that apparently we had overlooked when my brother was here last.  Sigh!

We made the hour and a half trip down to put flowers on her grave for her birthday.  I wish I lived closer, so we could do it more often, but then we get there and I never really know what to do with myself.  It's kind of awkward.  I bought two small arrangements and put one on Mom's grave and the other on my grandmother's.  I picked up a small American flag for Dad's grave.

While we were out in the country, we did hit a couple of yard sales.  I got a nice stash of cobalt blue glass and some religious articles.  I also went to a vendor mall near the camp site we stayed at.  There weren't too many sales around this area over the weekend.  I think between the heat and the holiday, it was just a slow one.  I did manage to stop at a few of them on my way in, though.

I had an awesome sales spike at the booths from the fourth on.  One was consistently strong from the holiday on, the other was less so, but there were some nice days at both.  Got some major work planned at both sites this week.  Going to try to remember to get some pics.

The beat, it does go on.  Eh?

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