Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Rambles

Finally!  A much cooler week!  Thank goodness!  We were even spared the worst of the storms that hit other places after the heat wave pulled out.  I'll take it!  For sure!

I had one of those old ABC Sports moments the other day at one of the booths.  I was rearranging some stuff, when a woman expressed interest in an end table that had been there forever.  I agreed to take a couple of bucks off and she agreed to buy it.  I carried it downstairs for her.


As she was checking out, she decided it was too wobbly and was on the verge of saying that she did not want it.


And the agony of lugging the thing back up stairs.  But, it was pointed out to her that the floor in front of the register is uneven and, when she moved it over, it didn't wobble.  Purchase made!


Had an interesting experience the other day.  I got to Goodwill before it opened.  That's never happened before.  I wasn't sure whether to go on or wait for the store to open.  I ended up deciding to wait, but then had to ponder what my life has become.  I sit and wait for thrift stores to open.  I can't decide whether that's pathetic or kind of cool.

Then, I got in the store and found three Pyrex mixing bowls for 57 cents each, so I stopped all the silly philosophizing and went with the flow.

Actually, that Pyrex was my find of the week.  To begin with, I hardly ever find Pyrex, other than the clear glass stuff.  Then, when I do, it's never mixing bowls.  And, on the rare occasions when I do find the bowls, it's always the solid color bowls and not the patterns.  And then, I never, ever, ever, ever find any for less than a dollar each!!!  

(I know the pattern is pretty common, but my enthusiasm remains undampened.  And, no, I can't explain 57 cents as a price point.  Who knows what they think in the backrooms of Goodwills?)

This post puts me ahead of 2010's post total!  One more to go and then I'll be into new territory!  And I've noticed that my overall total is edging closer and closer to 800. Hmmm.....

Speaking of posts, I'm clearing out my backlog again.  Those "Practical Yard Sale Advice" posts had been sitting around, 75% complete, for ages.  I'm glad to move them off into cyberspace.  Now I'm going to work on getting some more Junking Memories posts completed.  I have several started already, but some are not past the title stage yet.

Yard sales were a mixed bag this weekend.  One of my favorite church sales did not fail to disappoint.  Got a big box of stuff for very little cash.  One of the volunteers kept waiting for me to gather up a few items, then he would come get them and put them into my box at the register.  It was like having a personal attendant!  And also a stalker.

Most of the individual sales we hit didn't measure up, but the neighborhood sale (another one I look forward to each year) was grooving along just fine.  The trunk was full  The backseat was filling up. And, then, it started raining.  And that was the end of that.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for very much-needed rain, but, man, I only needed a couple more dry hours!

Oh well, Sunday we went to a synagogue sale and everything was fine again.

I'm starting to gather new in the package items from clearance racks and sales and stash them away for my "gift ideas" table during the holidays.  I haven't really seen many holiday items worth picking up otherwise.  I think I'm going to put up a small "Xmas in July" section this week at the Peddlers Mall and put out some leftover Xmas stuff.  It'll be a nice change of pace.  

I'll probably leave it up until the end of the month, then shift to back to school stuff.  That reminds me.  I've got to start bagging and pricing my excess office supplies for back to school.  For some reason I have tons of extra pens, post its, notepads, notebooks, scissors and the like.  Way more than I need or want.  Way more than I ever remember buying. Certainly way more than I could ever actually use.  (I think I might be sleep-hoarding office supplies?)  I might as well get something out of them and declutter a bit.

I'll be pet and house sitting this weekend.  I'll only be gone a couple of days, so I'm not sure if I'll pre-schedule some posts or just not post.  You'll know what I'm planning probably right around the time I do, I suspect.

 Finally, courtesy of the ever wonderful Yard Sale Queen, enjoy the best in YARD SALE MUSIC VIDEOS!!!

¡Hasta lueguito!

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