Sunday, December 30, 2012

Special Musical Guest Sunday

Welcome to the last Sunday service of 2012 here at  First Ed-boro Episcabaptecostalicterian Church of God in Jehovah Jesus Christ of Saint Margaret-Mary-Vladimir-Athanasius-Bartholomew in Eternal Holiness and Mercy!  We've certainly got a special treat for you this morning.  Our musical guest is Sister Mary Clarence and her group of trained musical penguins.  You'll love watching them harmonize and dance and clap their little flippers!


They're....not...penguins?  Are you sure about that?  Those puffy little white chests look awfully penguiny to me.

Oh....they're nuns!  Now I get it!  (Before I forget to mention it, the special offering this morning will go to help the Right Father Reverend Priestly Holy Brother Pastor get a new pair of specs.) 

Maybe we should just let them sing.

Take it away, sisters!

Salve Regina, folks!