Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Rambles

One day last week, I was getting ready for work in the morning, when I suddenly burst into this song.  Right when I got to the line about putting on make-up, I instantly transitioned to this song.  My only thought at the time was:  "People at work today better watch out!"

I have no idea what brought the songfest on, but I think part of it was the end of my chemo cycle.  I go for my second infusion tomorrow, so I think it's filtered out to the point where I'm on the (brief) upswing until the next round.

It was a pretty perky week overall, although I did end up having to take a couple of rest breaks along the line.

Sales were weak at the beginning, but closed out strong. I ended at Peddlers with my highest since Christmas.  I'm in the range I need to be for the larger space, finally.  I hope that I can maintain it.  I did sell several smaller pieces of furniture that edged things along:  a barstool, an old office chair and a CD/DVD rack.  I need to keep my eyes peeled for more stuff like that.  I also had a bonanza day, where I sold over 80 dollars worth of stuff off the St Attica wall.  Someone went home with a LOT of Madonna figurines, plastic rosaries, and prayer leaflets. Then on the next to the last day of the month, I sold nearly 40 comic books.  I get exhausted just thinking about it, sometimes!

I had the same kind of end of the month spurt at YesterNook too, where I sold nearly everything I had in the rough room in one day.  Sometimes, I don't feel so competent about my ability to handle larger items, so days like that give me a much-needed ego boost.

On Friday, I had to meet with my surgeon to fix a boo-boo on Beátriz, my scar.  She's healing well everywhere, but on one end a little fiber poked up through the skin and started to get irritated.  The doc plucked it right out, and everything was fine!  It was a subcutaneous stitch that kind of went the wrong way when it started to dissolve.  Sometimes it happens.

I also had an appointment with my primary care doc on Friday.  I love my doctor.  He's caring, intelligent, talks openly, and listens well--everything you want in a doctor, in other words.  One thing I hate most about this cancer thing is that he's become just one in a horde of doctors that I have to see.  It's just another appointment in an unending line of appointments.  It makes me a little sad.

There really weren't any sales worth hitting this weekend, and it was still quite foggy at 9:00 am.m, so I stayed in.  If anyone had set up in that dense fog, then the stuff would be all damp.  I just didn't want to mess with it.

I'd been intending for a long time to rescue what I thought were a couple of tubs of stuff from the early days of the booth that got buried in the shed.  I figured that would make up the booth load for the week and I would get some shed space out of it.  What I found were nearly a dozen tubs and boxes that I had completely forgotten about, some of it already priced!

I yanked it all out and brought it in the house.  The priced stuff will go to Peddlers Mall today.  The rest of it, I will price over the month and take in a bit at a time.   This kind of takes the pressure off me to find new stuff, in case I have some chemo reactions this month.  I can sit in bed and price stuff, if need be.

There's an added bonus, too.  If I do feel up to the hunt, I can put more effort into furniture and large items, knowing that I have the small stuff under control for a bit.  Woo hoo!  Since I have no idea what's in these boxes, it's also like shopping twice.  Not that I recommend letting shit sit hidden away forever not making you any money, mind you.  I'm just looking for the upsides in being this disorganized.

This is chemo week.  I get my second infusion on Tuesday, followed by IL2 shots on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  It's also a light work week.  I only go in on Monday and Wednesday, for a few hours each day.  That should give me time to rest, if needed.  I'll try to post an update here, if one is needed.

I am taking the liberty of pre-loading some posts for the week, so keep checking back.  There will be some content here.  I'll get back with you when I can.  I managed to do pretty well with posting in March and am back on track with my goal.  I hope to be able to keep that up this month.

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Roger Owen Green said...

have a decent week. my thoughts are with you.