Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Rambles

Chemo -1 day.  Ugh.

I need to remember to charge my Nook and download the latest Soap Opera Digest.  I also have to stop by the cancer center and pick up my nausea meds.  I've gotta go to Walgreens and see if I can find some non-drowsy Benadryl.  After work, I have to go to the Peddlers Mall and do a restock and foof.  I gotta make this one stick, because I may not get back until late next week.

Over the weekend, we stocked up on Diet Sprite, so my stash of clear liquid diet stuff is complete.  I've got the blog scheduled well into next week, except for next week's Monday Rambles.  I'm working today, but taking the rest of the week off.  It's a financial hit, but I kind of need to do it.  Last time, it was a little rough working while still getting my shots and stuff.  It's Derby Week, so there kind of won't be as much going on there anyway.  (That also includes the booths, so the foof will stick a little more easily.  Did I just type "the foof will stick"?)

My biggest challenge this week will be getting to the cancer center for my shot on Thursday.  The Derby Parade will have my most direct route there blocked off right around the time of my appointment.  I think I'm going to just locate myself in that part of town early in the day and have coffee or thrift until my appointment.  Getting home will require another plan, which is still under development.  My current idea involves wading into the parade and screaming "Back off!  I have cancer!"  I think I might need a back up, just in case.

I'm hoping to be able to drag out on Saturday to an annual Derby Day sale that always has good stuff, as several antique dealers are ditching their overstock, including small furniture.  Prices are amazing there.  I'd also like to go to Free Comic Book Day, but I have all week to do that.  Due to the conflict with Derby, the best local shop here extends FBCD to the whole week.

Other than that, my plan is to stay at home, sleep a lot, putter around a bit, and just rest.

Last week was not nearly as productive as I wanted.  Those damn bricks kept turning up.  They're not supposed to do that during the good week!  I didn't get near everything I wanted to get done!  Friday, I was trying to hit both booths, but as I was leaving YesterNook to head for the Peddlers Mall, the bricks hit hard and I was lucky to get home and crawl into bed.  I think I'm learning how cumulative side effects work.  I'm also not thinking that I like it.

We had bad weather forecast for Saturday, which cancelled out a lot of sales.  A good church sale was going on, however, so we did hit it.  I got a good box of stuff for five bucks.  The little old ladies who price everything at a nickle or a dime are alive and well at this church! 

The hardest part was getting there.  It's not too far from the house, as the crow flies, but the crow had to contend with the Derby Marathon taking place between us and it and the Art Fair taking place down the street from the church.  After taking a really long, awkward route to the street the church is on, we were confronted by a semi backing down the street in the wrong lane!  It had turned down the Art Fair street and got caught.

After that, we did a little thrifting to kind of round out my stock for this chemo period.  I'm as ready as I can get, I think.  I wish that I had found some more small furniture today, but them's the breaks.

Keep checking back this week.  I've got some content scheduled, but if I need to interrupt something for an update I will.  

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