Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Rambles

Well, this is supposed to be the rough week for this chemo cycle.  I can't imagine it getting any rougher than the past two weeks have been.  It's mainly this damn fatigue.  Last Wednesday, I went to bed at 5 and slept until 8 the next morning.  I used to enjoy naps.  They were little extras added to an already good day.  Now, they're practically mandatory just to get through the day.  It's ruined the whole concept of napping for me.  I didn't even think that was possible!

I'm doing what I can to try to alleviate some of the effects and make everything go a little smoother.  I realized I was getting dehydrated, so I have started monitoring my water intake every day.  I'm laying off the junk food and fast food, which is helping the queasiness and nausea.  I'm having as many fresh veggies as possible--I'm practically eating a large, nice salad for one meal nearly every day.  I've also cut out as much sugar as I can.  It's making a little bit of difference right now, and every little bit helps for sure.

The ball games killed my sales last week, and they didn't recover until the weekend.  Being a junker in a basketball town is rough this time of year.  My Spring Break week was better than my tournament week!  The Derby Festival starts the end of this month, too.  That sucks the life out of sales, let me tell you.  I hate April.

Yard sales were really bad this weekend.  It's too early in the season for consistently good weekends yet.  Sigh!  One sale was just setting up at their opening time, which means someone needs some advice.  I did get a few things there and probably would have gotten more if they had been ready.

We never found one sale.  Well, we found the warehouse where the sale was taking place, but there was no sign of a sale.  We followed this with an estate sale that nearly killed me.  Seriously.  I banged the hell out of my head  on a low step while coming up out of the basement.  This was the same sale with the packed house on the third (!) day, because the prices were so high.  There was also a man sanding the walls in the upstairs for painting while people were looking through the clothes and linens in the room.  Yeah, it was that kind of sale.  I'm not even embarrassed for the really loud "Mother Goddam Fuck!"  that I let out when I hit my head.  People were staring down the steps as I was coming up!

I hit one last estate sale, which was actually not too bad.  I've bought from this company before.  They price some stuff just a hair too high, but the unmarked smalls are usually fairly cheap.  And then, in the middle of the house, the bricks hit.  All of a sudden, I couldn't do anything but get out of there and back to the car.  Just the thought of gathering up stuff, finding someone to price it for me, and then standing in the looooong line to pay wiped me out.  I couldn't do it.  So I left.  And gave up for the weekend.  I never, ever thought anything would turn junking into a chore for me! 

Fuck Cancer!  It's ruined naps and junking! 

At least, this Saturday is one of our favorite church sales.  This may be one of the ones we actually hit twice.

I hope you all didn't mind the kind of silly with whiny undertones mode I went into last week.  Stuff like that is easy to produce, which both gives you all content and lets me feel like I'm still accomplishing something.  It's also a chance for me to try and inject a little humor into what's going on.  One of my fears is this blog turning into a big whine-fest.  So, I need ways to express what's going on that don't give way to self-pity.  There will probably be more stuff in that vein coming up.

Can I ask a favor?  Like I said, I'm in the need for some laughs--silly stuff, dark humor, sarcastic zingers, funny cartoons, cat videos, inappropriate thoughts, whatever.  Can you all forward stuff on to me when you find it?  Or post a line in my comments?  Or stick it up on your own pages?  I'd appreciate the lift.  Really.

Thanks for hanging with me through all this.  I appreciate it.

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