Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Rambles

Not much to ramble about this fine Monday morning.  Maybe there is, but I'm kind of distracted because I have to go back to working regular hours this week.  Bye bye, summer!  Hello, full paychecks!  Those will come in handy for sure, since I really need to score some furniture for the booth.

I didn't hit any sales this weekend.  I guess something was going around.  Since we were heading to the country, the plan was to hit some sales down there, once we were through in the cemetery.  Unfortunately, it drizzled on and off all day long.  It was a steady drizzle, just enough so that you would notice that it was there, but not enough to keep you from doing what you were planning to do, unless what you were planning to do involved putting stuff out in your yard and letting strangers come and buy it.  It was totally non-conducive to such a venture.

I did manage to hit the sidewalk sale at the comic shop before we left (and before the drizzles started).  I picked up a nice stack of stuff, mostly for the booth.  The thing I like about buying for the booth is that I don't feel compelled to go through every single comic box looking for stuff.  I can slip around and through the crowd (the nerd herd, as I call it) to the boxes no one is going through and still build up a nice stack of stuff.

I did witness a nerd violation while I was there.  Well, not a nerd being violated, but a nerd violating the rules of the herd.  Instead of waiting to get to a box, this one guy went around to the back and starts going through it, which meant that he had to pull everything out of it, since he was looking at the backs of the comics.  Then he just starts putting them back in the box any old way, some facing front, some facing back.  And everyone knows that number one rule of comics nerd-dom is:  The boxes must be orderly!  The herd was aghast.

Since I witnessed the violation, I was obligated to report it to the High Nerd Council.  Which, in turn, slowed us down, because I couldn't find my Nerd ID Card and I forgot my Nerd ID Number.  What can I say?  I'm a bad nerd these days.  Someone should probably report me to the council.

Anyway, we got down to the cemetery, loaded with flower arrangements for the graves, and were just starting to take things out of the van, when my cousin, who lives across the road, came over to say hello.  Right after that, one of my mother's cousins pulled in and we had a mini-family reunion.  (Okay.  I know that technically my mother's cousins are also my cousins.  I was more referring to the fact that he was more in Mom's age group than mine in the family circle.  I think you know what I mean.)  It seems like I never see some family members any more unless it's in a cemetery.  At least there wasn't a funeral this time.

We all had a good visit in the on and off drizzle, then Keith and I got to work.  I took the old flowers and stuff off Mom's grave, then put the new ones out.  I also added a new flag to Dad's.  I also had small flower arrangements and flags for my uncle, grandparents and great grandparents as well.  I got everything at the Peddlers Mall, so I was able to get more than I would have elsewhere at a really good price.

Keith took some pictures, but I haven't gotten them yet.  I'll post them when I get the chance.

To make up for the lack of yard sales, I went to a couple of flea market/vendor malls, but didn't really find that much.  Guess I'll have to find some time to thrift this week.  Oh darn!

Speaking of this week, I'm not totally sure what posting will be like, since I have to get used to my new schedule.  I don't have a lot in the pipeline right now, so  I may be silent for a couple of days.  I'll get back to things as soon as I can!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Will watch for your posts.

Shara said...

Hi Ho , It's off to work you go!

Don't forget your Nerd credentials! :)

Judy said...

LOL! You made me laugh out loud! How could you leave the house sans nerd identification??? The nerd council will nullify your nerd membership..