Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Saturday Finds: The Smalls

So, yesterday's post had the large finds.  Now, let's look at the small stuff.  I had kind of a limited budget this time around, so I was trying to focus on furniture/large items and more vintage smalls.  I think I did pretty well.  Take a look.

Most of this stuff still needs to be cleaned up a little bit.  I was going to to do that, get pics, price it all and put it all out last night, but there was an issue about one of my sales for the day.  Dealing with it cut into my work time, so I only had time to get pics.  The rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

The mixing bowl has a chip on the bottom, but it's really not noticeable.  The only enamelware I ever seem to find is bowls and, well, bed pans, so I was kind of psyched to find both a pitcher and a coffee pot (in a fun aqua color, yet!).  The milk glass thing in the middle is a vase.

I've been having a really good Fisher-Price summer.  This is one I've never seen before.

Push the zero...

...And your pal pops out!

Is she talking with you?

Or talking about you?
Oh, the mysteries of the Fisher-Price phone pal!

This was my Shara moment:  a whole big box of vintage ornaments and lights for a dollar!  Not all of the sets are complete, but I think I can condense some of them together and make it work.

Speaking of Shara, she's going to give me a hard time over this Spanish dama.  I'll deal with that right upfront and say that she's not a doll. She's a muñeca.  (This has been your bilingual smart-ass moment of the day.)

She does look like she might be up to no good, though,  Actually, she reminds me of this:

Or maybe it's this.

I did cave at one point and pick up a bunch of random fun small stuff, despite my careful purchasing plan for the day.  It was towards the end of the day and I was doing okay on cash, so I decided to live a little.  Honestly, it doesn't feel right to me if I don't fill at least one box of nick nacks, plastic bugs, and tacky toys.  That's kind of what it's about for me.  I know I cannot float a full booth on this stuff, but it does sell and sure helps shore up the other sales.

Those Dallas books are pretty racy!

What can I say?  I gotta be me!  By the way, the trunk from yesterday's post?  Sold already!  BAM!

I held one special thing back for a post of it's own tomorrow.  Tune in to see what it is.  I'm still psyched about finding it.

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Anny said...

That little phone is so cute! Your muneca does look sneaky

Shara said...

When I saw the PINK SHINY BRITES, I sucked in a mouthful of air. Then I saw my name. :) Fabulousness! As for the "doll' I don't think I would call her a doll either. I had one in my booth for awhile, but she sold. Piddly stuff sells and it adds up! Great finds! (I think I had that phone when I was little.....)

We are: Clamco said...

I never saw a FP phone like that. What's the value on it? The Caterpillar belt buckle will prob sell quick. Smalls are the best. Shoppers just love smalls.

Pat said...

"Yer killin' me Smalls". Sorry, I just had to...

Fun stuff- Shiny Brites for a dollar - Yay!

Roger Owen Green said...

Fun stuff. Saw Sunset Blvd only in the last decade; great film.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun stuff, I like seeing the toys you find!