Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Well, phase one of the Halloween merch is out!

I've held back some of the smaller items to feed into the booth as other stuff sells.  By the end of the month, it will all be out.

I decided to leave those Christmas dishes out in the middle of everything, just to be a little subversive.  I'll start working more Christmas in the booth around mid-October, so the transition from Halloween to Christmas will go a little more smoothly.

I do all my Halloween shopping during the clearance sales the previous year, so I get a good selection of good stuff at a good price.  I supplement this with some yard sale purchases, but I'm really selective about those.  I love doing the post-Halloween shopping.  Halloween stuff is so much fun!

In the end, I usually get a good sell through.  We'll see what happens this year.

Muppet Monsters:  So cute and so wrong all at once!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I love the Muppet Monsters!

Donna Wilkes said...

This is Halloween overload - I bet it really draws the customers in to shop.