Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Big Flea Finds!

Eddie-tor's Note:  I had this post written last night and was getting ready to add the pics, when Blogger decided it was hungry and ate the post. (Burp!)  This is attempt number two, which probably won't be as good as the ine you'll never see.  Stupid Blogger.

Let's start with that box of comics from yesterday's post.

I always check all the vendors with comic books, even though there are some that I really don't like.  One vendor in particular always has this guy with him that pesters every customer with the same questions over and over again:  "Do you have any old comics you want to sell?"  "Any old toys?" "Games?" "Magazines?"  No.  I'm looking to BUY thank you very much.  It's pretty annoying.

So, I see this vendor, and thankfully the Interrogator is not with him.  Plus, he has a box of dollar comics--just my price range.  I pulled a nice stack out of the box, some for me, but mostly to sell.  There were a lot of older Disney and Looney Tunes comics in the box in pretty good shape.  I have a couple of regular customers who are looking for that kind of stuff, so I'm confident I can sell them.

There was a lot more in the box that I could have gotten, but it was only like the second or third stop, and I didn't really want to spend all my cash just yet.  When I went to pay, the seller uttered the magic words that everyone longs to hear:

"Would you like to buy the rest 
of them for 25 cents each?"

Why, yes.  Yes, I would.  Thank you.

And just like that, SCORE!

There are a few comics without covers in the box.  Some of these I'll keep to use as placeholders in my own collection, until I can find a better copy.  The rest I can sell.  Coverless comics are really not worth that much, but I bundle them up and sell them in batches.  If nothing else crafters might want them.

And, just like that, the theme of the day was set:

Buy something.  Get something 
else for free or cheap.

Buy three boxes of vintage ornaments.

Get the loose ones free.

Buy a bunch of 2 dollar comics (all for me).

Get the one dollar book free.

Buy a bunch of 4/$1 items.

Tonka Trucks Galore!

Instant Ancestors!

Get a flat (much lower) price when the vendor gets tired of counting.

Yes, this is your bargaining tip of the day:

Wear them down!

Buy some comics.

Yes, that Isis.  She used to have a comic.

Get a bunch more of a quarter each.

I just grabbed a bunch of X-men, Spider-Man, and Batman titles.  Sometimes it pays to stick with the sure sellers.  I'll have to bag all of these, so the 25 cent price makes for a better margin for me.

Walk by a bunch of books.

Get them for free!

It seriously was that kind of day.

I also got a Brooke Shields doll.  (No, I didn't squeal and dance over this one.)

A couple of DVD's for me.

Yes, that says "Ninja Cheerleaders."

And a bunch of random bits and bobs of awesomeness.

Representative Sample

If I ever get cool enough to have my own posse, I'm going to call it the "Random Bits and Bobs of Awesomeness."  Take that, Taylor Swift!

There is one picture you're not seeing:  the vintage, three piece child-sized kitchen playset--stove, sink, and fridge--in excellent shape that was only $10.

The reason you're not seeing it?


Oh, I dithered and dathered over it.  I dillied and I dallied.  But I just kept thinking over and over again:

"I don't want to make that 
many trips to the van."

It wasn't until the close of the day when I realized that:  a) the Fairgrounds has carts you can use and b) we could pull the van up to the front of the hall.

But, of course, by that time the set was GONE!

Yes, I am an idiot.

And that is why I will never have a posse.

People don't want to be in a posse with idiots.

Unless the idiots are young, rich, and pretty.

And I am none of these.

Well, I am kind of pretty.

But am I posse pretty?

The world will never know.

It would be cool to roll into a thrift store with a posse, though.


Shara said...

Can I PLEASE be in your posse? I can see us all rolling in - in slow motion, of course - with "Thrift Store" by Macklemore playing. We'd grab a couple carts between the group of us - someone would ride in one of the carts just for fun. We'd hit up all the aisles and find some fun hats and fur coats to wear while we shopped. We'd each find a super cool item and a super cool What the HELL item. The person in the cart would grab some silly oversized stuffed bear or duck and cram it in the baby seat. We would fling our money "make it rain" style at the check-out, then head out to the door to our next stop. People in the store would stare out the window saying, "Was was Eddie's Pretty Posse? Damn, are they cool, or WHAT?"

Yep. That would happen.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

YES!! I'm in your posse also! Shara, Donna (cause you know she would want to also) and myself for sure. I bet other junk ladies would join in! I am having so much fun just imagining it!!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Yup, me too - as long as you will be in my posse in return!

BTW (and I'm sure you've already thought of this but...) I never create a post in Blogger. I write it in Word, save it, then copy and paste into the blog. I hate writing the same thing a second time!

Donna Wilkes said...

YES! I am in your posses - I want to be Bitsy. WHAAAAAATTTTT!?! Those photos are amazing!!!! I am green with envy over them. You hit those vendors when they were down and all things bargaining was going your way. The perfect storm of junkin', my friend. Remember nothing gets between Brooke and her Calvin's.

Melissa said...

You got some awesome deals! And it looks like you're building quite the junkin' posse, do you have room for one more?! I'll drive us around in the Beast! ;)

Judy said...

Count me in..I want to be part of your junkin' posse. The junkin' stars aligned for you, posse leader! Great finds!

Roger Owen Green said...

Hubba hubba! Sorry, what?