Friday, September 02, 2016


It is no secret by now that I am a HUGE Batman fan, I think.  But over and above and beyond and before that I am a Wonder Woman fan.

So when I found this at a parking lot sale on Saturday, I took to skipping and singing and squealing all over the place, despite the heat.


You seriously have no earthly idea how long I have wanted one of these.

She's missing her tiara, bracelets and boots, but I don't freaking care.  Her arms and legs have been glued back on, most likely because the band holding them on gave way with age, but I don't care about that either.  She's absolutely, totally, perfect to me.

She's seen a lot of action, my little Amazon princess.  Most likely, it was fighting evil gods and monsters, overthrowing dictators, and, of course, whaling the ever-loving shit out of her enemies with her Throwing Wheel.

According to the Wonder Woman collector site, this doll was produced in conjunction with the 70's TV show, but I have some questions about that.

For one thing, I am pretty sure I remember seeing these dolls advertised a few years before the show aired.  For another, this part of a set that included Nubia, a character from the comics in the early 70's, who never appeared on the show.  Finally, even on the WW collector site, they show a picture of this doll in the box WITHOUT the Lynda Carter image.

Personally, I think these were produced pre-TV show and, later on, a new box was produced with the Lynda Carter graphic to tie in with the show.

One of the things I love most about my Wonder Woman is her painted on top.  A later version had a cloth top.  Also, her blue eye shadow. 

Speaking of the WW collector page, I was tickled to see some other things on there that I also have, like this mirror, and this beach towel, which I have had since I was in 7th or 8th grade.  There's also this invisible plane toy, which I had when I was a kid, but don't own any longer, sadly.  Also in the "former possessions" category is this album.  I remember that the bullets bouncing off her bracelets were recorded as this odd tinkling sound.

And before you say anything, Shara.  Yes, she is a doll.  But she's NOT creepy.  Wonder Woman is NEVER creepy.  Only fabulous.  ALWAYS fabulous.

Can you say "FIERCE"?

PS Dig those eyelashes.  They are so stiff that her hair gets stuck in them.  Awesome.

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Linda said...

I love that doll. I have never seen one. I made my daughter two Wonder Woman costumes, one when she was ten and another when she was thirty.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My favorite part is imagining you skipping and singing when you found her! I do love the painted on top and her blue eyeshadow! Wonder Woman is awesome and just for YOU!

Curtains in My Tree said...

!!!!!!!!!!!WOW good for you finding her. Isn't it just Wonderful when we find a treasure like this that makes our entire next few days just marvelous?

YEAH for you ans Wonder Woman

Donna Wilkes said...

Eddie, the image of you dancing with Wonder Woman must be a sight to behold. However, I must be honest here. Wonder Woman was my role model and I think this doll is a bit too Fierce for me. She edges over into creepiness. Your greatest find EVER was that luscious primitive table!!!!

Never call Wonder Woman Double Dubya or I WILL smack you.

Diana said...

Congratulations on your find! I loved the Wonder Woman show as a kid. I also love your wildly extravagant enthusiasm :) Awesome table by the way--

Shara said...

I never even considered her a doll! She is an ACTION FIGURE! I'm thrilled you found something for YOU that makes you so happy. I don't think I have ever seen much Wonder Woman stuff, but I will keep my eyes peeled for you in the future.

Judy said...

I'm so excited you found your wonder woman and the thought of you dancing in happiness makes me smile. Enjoy her!