Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I had to pee!

Yes.  I just used that as my title.  We all do it, you know.

The bus route that I take to the Peddlers Mall goes right past a Goodwill.  Since it's not possible to run in and then right out of a Goodwill, I have to limit myself on stopping there.  It's not too terribly far from my stop for the Peddlers Mall, but I can't lose an hour or so every time I go over to the mall.
On the other hand, I didn't want to be so strict that I never get to the Goodwill goodies.

In order to be fair about these things, I decided to let an impartial observer make the call about going to Goodwill on a given day--my bladder.  If I decided on some subjective criteria, like needing a good reason to stop, I'd be making up all kinds of justifications for getting off the bus early.

My bladder has no vested interest in stopping, other than getting emptied.  And it never lies about that.  I still have to walk a few blocks from my usual bus stop to get to the mall.  Normally, there's no problem, unless the middle-aged man bladder says that I really have to go.  Like right that second. When that happens, I get off at the Goodwill, since the stop is right outside the store.  I can take care of business and get a little shop on, then head on my way.

So, the other day, the bladder chimed in and said "Get off the bus!"  And it turned out to be "buy one get one free" day in the books and media.

That's the first four eps of the ORIGINAL Scooby Doo!
Sometimes my bladder likes me.

Vintage Ohio Art tin globe!
 Sometimes, it likes me a lot.

Even better, it was also "double stamp" day for their Customer Reward cards!


Melissa said...

Great stop! I love that globe -- I have that exact one!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think I've heard it all now...letting your bladder decide if you stop. Of course I let mine decide which thrift store to stop at first, the one with or without a bathroom. Getting old is fun!

Shara said...

Well, I would leave a comment, but all this talk of peeing makes me have to go BAD.

(I have that same globe too!)

PS Goodwill is the only thrift store bathroom I will use. The rest are SKEEERY.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Now I've heard it all, lol. And thrifts around here are known for pretending they don't have a bathroom, rather than share it with the customers. Thank goodness for GoodWill. Amazing globe find! :)

Donna Wilkes said...

Bad bladder blues = great globe finds. Yes, I do plan my trips around where clean public restrooms can be found. Though growing up, I was taught to pee outside standing up. By my parents.