Thursday, November 03, 2016

While the vendor gently weeps...

Look at the mess in the comic books!

Actually, it's been worse.
You would think this must surely mean that I have sold a ton of comics lately.  Surely.

And you would be wrong.

I took this pic last Thursday.  From the time I straightened everything last Monday to last Thursday when I came in to find this mess I sold.....




At this point, I have moved from frustrated, past aggravated, straight into "What the fucking fuck?" territory.  I am discouraged enough to seriously be considering giving up.  Later on today, I'll bre picking up my lowest booth check EVER.


Why am I doing this again?

I was going to go antiquing in Lexington for my birthday this weekend, but had to cancel it beause my check isn't going to be enough to warrant going.

I've seriously just about had it.  Two crappy ass months in a row and November hasn't started off any better.


One of the other vendors thinks that sales are low because of the election.  I always thought it was the stock market that fluctuated for elections, not the flea market.



Donna Wilkes said...

Same here.

We are: Clamco said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this slump. My daughter upped her prices on her art commissions and her business totally came to an abrupt halt. She went back to her old pricing and still nothing. She's very depressed. The last two events Chris went to were pretty lame as well. Lots of gamers, but no buyers. Perhaps it's a weird time for spending?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Eddie I can tell how discouraged you are. Hang in there. It has to be the election as I think it's made everyone cranky! Hugs!!

Melissa said...

Don't be discouraged, my friend! I had 2 of my lowest months in Aug and Sept. October was going to be the same, but I sold a few big pieces. The election is causing all sorts of crazy nonsense that has to do with people's buying habits. The housing market has dropped off quite a bit - the sales are WAY down. People are generally very frugal with money around presidential election time. It is a trend that has been noted throughout history - no matter who the candidates are. The market (housing or stock) usually rebounds by inauguration time and will level off to where it was before the election. However, I'm no expert, I just have a degree in political science and my thesis was on american social and voting behaviors. ;)