Monday, February 06, 2017

Monday Rambles


My glasses broke the other day, so I'm back to wearing contacts, which I haven't done regularly in years.  I've kept my prescription up to dote, but I've gotten to the point in life where I want getting ready in the morning to be as easy as possible, so the hassle of contacts has been just one more thing to do that I don't really want to and so I haven't.

The nerd glasses didn't really go with the longer hair anyway.  They'd work if I were planning to actually go the man bun route, but I feel like I am too old and fat for that.  I'm actually working on more of a loose, hippie ponytail.  I think little, gold-rimmed specs would look better with that.

Without my glasses, I think I look like my mother with a goatee, which kind of makes me nostalgic for my childhood days with the carnival, when I would watch Mom primping and combing her beard before going on stage to do her act is kind of unnerving.  Even worse, Keith keeps telling me how much he likes the way I look without the glasses, and in the back of my mind, a little voice is going, "He thinks your mother with a goatee is hot."  I think I need therapy.


I had a great conversation yesterday at the mall with a 12 year old boy looking for Spider-Man comics.  He told me he was looking for "older ones."  I said "Old for you?  or Old for me?"  He had to think about that for a minute, then told me he meant 90's.  Old for him, then.  I told him to keep checking back and would do my best to find some.

I actually do need to carve out some time for a bad movie/comic bagging marathon.  I've been selling a lot of those boogers lately.


It feels like tax season is finally upon us.  Sales are picking up all the time.  The weekends have been gold rush city of late.  Saturday was my second best day ever.  The gravy is flowing and the small furniture is flying out of the door. So is the pricier stuff.  Saturday some dude came in and bought all of my vintage metal lunchboxes.


This is junk set out week for the next neighborhood over from us, which means that we are next.  We've already got an early start on our set out pile going.  You're not supposed to do that, but my neighborhood ain't much on rules.  It's the first time we've ever tried it, though.  Watch us get cited for it, while the folks down the street who have had the nasty couches sitting on the curb for a MONTH, get by with nothing.

I made two "practice runs" last night.  One to a pile in the other neighborhood.  Got some small stuff, but nothing notable, except for two old fishing poles.  The other stop was at the magical house down the hill that disgorges all kind of interesting stuff every set out period.  They always start early and will be putting out crap right up until the garbage trucks come.  Last night it was a bunch of old religious texts and prayer books.  SCORE!

There's also a new renovation dumpster on our street, two doors down from us.  I told Keith that it was like having junk delivery!

All this is to say: 



And finally, to set you on your way:  The Carolina Chocolate Drops!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh the excitement! I love free like that! I love the loose ponytail look so go for it! (your Mother with a beard is just so weird Eddie, but that's why I love you_/

Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, er...OK, WHATEVER works! Love you anyway.
On another topic: hast you any words of wisdom for a 19 y.o. I've known all his life who just came out as gay? Words of wisdom, not that I think he NEEDS them. He's pretty together. BTW, he announced 2 hours ago on Facebook, which I think is gutsy.

Donna Wilkes said...

My great aunt Frontice had both a beard and a mustache - wore them proudly. It always fascinated us when we were young. Oh, I yearn to sidewalk shop - it is strictly forbidden in this fair city.

We are: Clamco said...

Congrats on the lunch box sales and furniture flying out the door! Woo!

Melissa said...

I wish we had junk set out. And you get the cops called on you if you're caught taking anything from anyone's trash. I tried to rescue a midcentury modern chair from someone's trash a few months back and it didn't end well. And I didn't get the chair. The people in the house came out and yelled at me. I was like, I'm just taking this chair that you're throwing away. They're like DON'T TOUCH OUR TRASH! And wouldn't back down on that. So I left it. They keep putting out stuff I want to dig through, too. I would go back after dark, but it's in a pretty bad part of town that I wouldn't feel safe in after dark (they would probably shoot me!).

Roger Owen Green said...

Great song!

hangin said...