Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happiness Is...

Getting in and out of the very dreaded meeting with no major problems!

Taking the shirt that you bought last year on clearance, but put aside for “when it fits” and, after putting it on, finding out that now is that time. (I did that with a shirt and a pair of pants last year. I wore the pants on Monday.)

Being linked by Progressive Ruin! (Was it wrong of me to have really loved Wolverine week as much as I did?)

A cute, cuddly kitty! (Are you tired of seeing him yet? We need to get some more pics.)

Seeing “FRESH!” beside your blog name on Gordon’s blogroll! (Even if he didn’t include me in his list of readers.)

Vacation in two weeks! (All together now: “Vacation’s all I ever wanted! Vacation, had to get away! Vacation, meant to be spent alone! WHATEVER!”*)

Realizing people are still interested in reading this blog!

Payday Friday!

Running into the manger who does the orders at your comics shop who tells you how much they appreciate you as a customer and that it’s okay if you don’t pick stuff up until after vacation.

A link from Roger! (Even if he wasn’t feeling well at the time.)

Bully Says! (Here’s why: the most disturbing comic cover ever, Lois Lane fashions, and seven line, seven word reviews! It may, indeed, be hard to count to seven on hooves, but this is one clever little stuffed bull. He's cute too!)

The return of Journalista!

A link from Lefty’s brand new LinkMaster 3000!

The annual Ear X-Tacy Sidewalk Sale!

*If you got my last Mixed Bag CD, you understand the reference.


Bully said...

Awww, thanks for the link (in this post-James Meeley era of the blogosphere, I will be sure to thank people for that!) And welcome back...I didn't know if you were away or just not blogging for a while there!

EM said...

Just not blogging Bully. I seem to go in fits and starts, and right now I seem to be having a fit...or is it a start?