Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Comic Blog Queries

Is there anything cooler than a bunch of caveman comic covers? Maybe a bunch of old Wonder Woman covers?

Was there ever a comic character as suave as Herbie Popnecker? Please, someone, anyone, collect these stories into an archive or a trade paperback or a digest reprint or something!

Is there anything more adorable than a little stuffed bull in his gorilla suit? I think not!

Is there anything sexier than the thought of yaoi starring Dean Haspiel? Well, probably, but at this moment I'm having a hard time thinking of any.

Are super-hero comics a niche industry? Well, duh! Actually, the direct market itself is the niche. Super-heroes are just the very big fish in a very tiny pond. But none of this is any grand revelation, of course. I do like the conclusion, however, that maybe there's nothing that should be done about the situation.

Where can I find a good tutorial on blogging? Right here, in these words of wisdom from one of the masters of the form, Beaucoup Kevin.

What's wrong with Mike Sterling?
That's a mystery that's baffled the best doctors. Hopefully, there's no cure.

Was there ever anything more useful for a round of lazy linkblogging than the Comics Weblog Update Thingie? I'm having so much fun on the blogosphere these days!

PS I hope you're feeling better, Lydia Green!


Roger Owen Green said...

She is indeed. Thanks, Eddie.

EM said...

Glad to hear it Roger!