Saturday, February 10, 2007

Renovations and Linakges

I need to post, but really don't have the brainpower right now to do anything too involved, so here's some hit and run kind of stuff.

This is what happens when little stuffed bulls read too much Progressive Ruin. Won't someone please think of the children?

Okay, my Molly Ivins link from the other day never did work right, although I swear it did work when I wrote the post. I kept thinking it was just screwing up because of high traffic right after she died, but it's still out, so I guess the paper either moved or removed the story. Still, I can't let her passing go by without some acknowledgement, so here's a better (ie working) link, which I took from Roger.

I've been doing some sprucing up on the sidebar. I added several links in the Louisville/Kentucky Music Resources section--the three best live music venues in town, our incredible public radio station, and our awesome independent music store. Oh, and our most beloved and most venerable Homefront! Check 'em out to find out a little about music life in my city. And if you're ever spending time around here, the local concert calendar on the WFPK page is invaluable!

In the Comics section, you'll now find links to Comics Coverage and Comics Make No Sense, a couple of blogs I've had a lot of fun with since I found them via the comics weblog update thingie.

In the Not Comics section, I've added links to the Thrift Store Project and In My Own Backyard. TSP belongs to Kristin, who gets mentioned at Beaucoup Kevin from time to time. I've been a thrifter for years, every chance I get, so I love this blog. Kristen shares her experiences and posts photos of her finds. Cool. Every year at my birthday, Keith and I celebrate by visiting every thrift store and flea market in town. Interestingly enough, I found TSP the same week that the Courier-Journal ran an article about the Peddler's Malls, which are one of our favorite stops when we go thrifting. I know they're not a thrift per se, but you can find a variety of interesting stuff there, most of it secondhand, and most of it cheap. So, it fits. It's kind of cool that they started here in Louisville.

I found IMOB through the Emmylou Yahoo group. Mona's a member there, and so am I. (Duh!) She mentioned in a recent message that she had posted some videos from I See Hawks in LA, a band she talks about from time to time. She always makes them sound really good, so I went to check them out. Well, not only is the band fantastic, so is her blog.

The new link for the Find More Good Music section is for Our Kind of Music, which features my kind of music! Keith and I know the guy who runs the site from running into him at concerts around town. It's a worthwhile endeavor so I thought I'd link to it and show some support. Check it out!

At the top of my sidebar, right under my profile, is a link to the Youtube version of the video of this thing that happened to me last year. I tried to embed the video in my sidebar, but none of the other links would load when I did that. So I'm settling for the link.

And for reading through all of that, here's a Pipettes video I swiped from Gordon. It's part of his "near mixed bag" (which is pretty neat in and of itself).

Anyone who got my holiday gift mixes last year will recognize the song, which is why I swiped it. I actually listened to both those mixes this weekend for inspiration while I worked on my newest Mixed Bag contribution. I realized that I never posted any commentary about them. At the time, I was thinking that, since it only would really interest five or six folks, I'd just not do a commentary. After listening to the mix again, I got to wondering if any of the recipients wanted more info about the songs and why I chose them. And then I thought about the fact that I only have about five or six readers, so it's not like I'd be boring the world at large or anything.

So, tell me, you all who got a disc from me in December, would you like to see some comments about the songs? Leave a note in the comments. I mean, what the hell, it's only two months later!

Speaking of the Mixed Bags, mine's about 70% done. I keep a folder of potential mix songs going on my laptop. Every time I hear something I think would be good for a future mix, I rip it to that folder. Then, when mix time comes around, I have a starting point! Plus, it lessens the amount of ripping I have to do to get a disc ready. I got a good batch of songs out of that folder, but I still need a few more carefully chosen tunes to pull it all together. I should get it in the mail on Friday or Saturday.

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