Sunday, February 18, 2007

Okay, so it's not all bad...

Valentine's Day was nice. I got some lovely flowers from a very sweet man.

Lucinda Williams is coming to town. And we've got tickets!

Friday was payday. And I was off. (Thank God!)

We had enough snow to make everything look beautiful and peaceful, but not enough to be really dangerous.

I picked up the new Patty Griffin CD.

I found a CD at Half-Price Books that I've been hunting for a while now.

We're going to see Volver this afternoon.

And, best of all, I have a job interview a week from Monday! Thhink good thoughts, folks, please. There's nothing wrong with me or my attitude that a change of employment won't fix. And out of everything I've applied for, this is the job I really want.

And I found a cupcake on my front step.

But I'm still cranky! This week at work promises to be HORRIBLE, with Wednesday being the worst day.


Roger Owen Green said...

How did you like Volver? And have you gotten Lucinda Williams'' new album yet?

EM said...

Volver was really good, Roger. Don't have the new Lu yet, but I have heard it. The tax refund came yesterday though, so I imagine I'll be picking up a few new CD's this weekend.