Monday, February 19, 2007

Sometimes the Blogosphere makes me smile...

And Lord knows I need the smiles these days. I've decided to fight the grumpies this week by emphasizing the postive in my blog.

Some things that have cheered me up lately:

Otter Prime. (I need more of this in my life, please!!!)

The art of Katie Cook. Seriously, how can you be grumpy when there are monster hugs to share?

Image copyright Katie Cook. (I saw this first at Comics Worth Reading, although Kevin had it earlier. I think my mind was too blown by Otter Prime to notice.)

Roger says that my first name is still the second most popular! (It used to be first, but I'll settle for this.)

Image from the Social Security Baby Name Page.

Thrift store and book sale finds! (If I can't get to any on my own right now, I'll live vicariously through others! Isn't the web wonderful? Isn't my life pathetic? Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be more cheerful.)

New Pogo collections!
Yay! (I know this one was all over the place last week, but I saw it first from Dorian.)

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