Monday, December 13, 2010

Now this is cute!

Claymation-ish Go Go's?  I'm there!

I've always felt that the Go Go's were one of those bands where every cut on an album, whether or not it was released as a single, would latch itself in your brain and not let go.  I constantly find myself humming some of the lesser known tunes.  It wasn't all just "We Got the Beat!"  But it was all equally great.

It's interesting to me as I watch Go Go's vids these days to see exactly how strongly they perceived of themselves as a unit, a band.  Everyone gets equal spotlight in the videos (even the concert clips).  It's not Belinda nad her back up band.  It's the Go Go's.  Pure and simple.  Yet, the "Belinda and band" image is the one that snuck into the popular conciousness.  Wonder how that happened?

I know part of it comes from the fact that Belinda had a much more popular solo career in the US for a while (even though Jane's solo LP's were actually better).  And we're very used to seeing lead singers go off and have solo careers.  But that image was around before they broke up.  Even in their heyday, there were people who thought of them in terms of Belinda and her band.

Anyway, wasn't Gina Schock just the best drummer for a rock group, pretty much ever?  Listen to that drum track.  Hell, listen to any Go Go's track.  It's the drums that grab you and don't let you go long before anything else sinks in.  We got the beat, indeed.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Did I ever tell you I saw the Go-Gos at JB Scott's in Albany in 1981 (or late 1980) for $5? It was around the time of their 1st album. They played every song and one non-album B-side, which may have been the extent of their repertoire at the time.
But they were great.