Monday, February 21, 2011

A Whole Lotta Thinking Going On!

There's a lot of contemplating and philosophizing going on in the junking world these days.  It seems to have hit everyone at once.

Sue at VRS is pondering gateway drugs, those items that got us hooked into this weird second-hand world and kept pulling and propelling until we turned into...junkers!  Mine were old comic books, followed by holy cards and other religious items, leading on  up to my latest obsession, which is vintage Christmas stuff.

Over at My Vintage Soul, there's a little bit about that phenomenon most of us despise, but can't avoid, the dread estate sale line! (Plus, the eerie coincidences that crop up from time to time.)  I haven't had to deal with one so far this year, but that's partly because most things calling themselves "estate sales" around here so far have really been indoor yard sales with badly worded ads, which were easy to spot and avoid.  I haven't been out much so far this year at all, in fact.  Uninspiring listings + too much stock = One Picky Picky Eddie!  We did go out for the first time on Saturday--four sales, one small purchase.

Shara at Monkeybox is taking the more active approach, kind of a thrifting random acts of kindness thing.  Sort of putting thought into action, as it were.  She's nice like that.  I think that's why the junking/thrifting gods keep rewarding her with Shiny Brites.

Finally, Manic Thrift Store Shopper is thinking about (and lamenting) what happens when a whole, obviously treasured, collection ends up in a thrift.  It's got me to thinking about what's going to happen to my little stashes one day.  Hopefully, Keith, or my brother or whoever has to deal with it, will be smart enough to take the library to half-price books, the comics to a local shop to sell, and donates the saints to a Catholic thrift store.  If I still have a booth, they can work put a bulk deal with the management, and that takes care of it all!

Geez...that was morbid.  Maybe that's why I don't do my own "pondering" posts to often.  Everyone else is constructive.  I'm a downer!

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Shara said...

"She's nice like that..." :D

You are sweet!

My Mom was on my blog and she randomly clicked on your comment and found this post, so she called me and told me about it. Talk about making the rounds!

**Sending Shiny Brite karma your way (and mine??)