Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roll on!

So many things to love about that clip.  First off, that's just a classic tune.  And then there's the way everyone looks.  The description doesn't say what year it is, but it obviously goes back a ways.  For one thing, John Hartford is in it, and we lost him several years ago.  (Isn't he a hoot, by the way? "I didn't win a durn thing!")

But my gosh--how young everyone is!  Del McCoury with no grey.  Jerry Douglas without that funky microphone he uses these days.  Alison Krauss before she had a stylist.  (Isn't odd, by the way, that she won the female vocalist that year, but she doesn't sing in this clip?)

I love watching the microphone jockeying going on.  It's not easy to maneuver on a stage with that many fiddle bows flying around!

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Roger Owen Green said...

I had such a crush on the pre-coiffed Alison Krauss.