Friday, July 13, 2012

Golden Age of Pop Music

Honestly, the Golden Age of Pop Music was the 80's.  How could it not be?  I'm talking about mainstream charting pop songs, not those wonderful obscure independent nuggets that every era of music releases.  I do love to venture off the beaten path, but the last time the path was filled with such goodness and fun and quality and talent was the 80's.

I mean, you had this:

And this:

Don't forget this:

Or this:

You even had this one, before she discovered lip-synching and auto-tune.

Hell, even these guys were big, goofy fun:

And, of course, you cannot forget:

And it wasn't all frothy, poppy fun either:

It was never better.  And it's never been as good since.  Seriously.


Roger Owen Green said...

It may have been the LAST golden age of pop, but the '60s had some songs too.

EM said...

Of course they did, Rog. The nice thing about Golden Ages is that we can each have our own. Sadly, there are thirteen year old girls today who will look back in 20 years and call Justin Bieber their Golden Age.