Tuesday, July 03, 2012

June Sales Report

Oh, junking! Oh junking!
Why must you confound me so
with good months that turn bad
upon a whim?

And trends most unforeseeable?
With downturns disagreeable?
And futures that seem bright
but turn so dim?

 Tune in next week for more "Overwrought Junking Poetry Corner" right here on Eddie-torial Comments!

Okay, getting serious, now.  I haven't done a sales break down in a while, largely because I've been forgetting to do them, but also because there doesn't seem to be a point to do one in a month where I have to pay rent.  That statement alone seems to sum things up.

I spent some time talking with the manager at the Peddlers Mall a while back.  May and June are always slower months, due to a lot of reasons, ranging from the Kentucky Derby to warmer weather.  And that held true this year for the mall, except that I had a good May.  A real good May.  It had not occurred to me that a vendor could have a strong month, even if the rest of the mall was having a slow one, but it happens.  And it happened to me.

I thought June was turning out that way for me, too.     Typically, the first half of June is slow, but when the real heat of summer starts kicking in, folks start turning back to the indoor settings.  And, right around that time, as sales started picking up in the whole store, mine started slowing down!!!

Seriously, I had a bad run from about the 20th, where my daily sales stayed stuck under 10 bucks.  Ack!  Sometimes being opposite of the trend is a good thing, sometime it's not such a good thing.  I'm doing what I can to counteract that.  I spent some time on a couple of different visits rearranging and shaking things up.  I've got a couple more things to do, so we'll see if that has an effect or not for July.  Hope so.

On the other front, June was the first month at YesterNook where I had sales every day, except for one.  That means I am very close to meeting my goal for the space as far as daily sales go.  Now, I need to start working on getting those daily sales to the level I want them.

Having a better booth space on the second floor has helped me.  People can get into it and see what I've got for sale.  I'm also starting to emphasize the things I know best:  books, comics, pop culture stuff, and toys.  I intend to build on this.  Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to focus on getting rid of a few pieces that have been there too long.  I'm doing a Fourth of July sale to encourage that.  I'm also going to concentrate on getting more small furniture in the spot. I haven't worked that as hard as I should have recently.

It's a continual learning process.  Continual.  Every time I think I've got it down, then I find out there's something else I don't know.  Tune in next month and we'll see what else I've had to learn!


Roger Owen Green said...

sales learning, a continuous process, like learning about life itself.

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