Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eddie's Albatro$$ Part 2

Here's another one of those things I wish I'd never even seen, much less bought.  Share my pain, people!

I have a good track record with chairs of all kinds, especially kid-sized chairs, so I thought these two cutesy Adirondack chairs were the very definition of "no-brainer."

"No-seller" is more like it.  It's been over a year, and they're still here.  We're coming to the end of the second deck-sitting season since I bought them, and they're still here.  Two different booths, and they're still here.  Every possible selling platform, and they're still here.  Every possible price point, and THEY'RE STILL HERE!

Honestly, I'm baffled.  I think they're adorable, but I guess what I think doesn't really matter.

They're on the mark down trail to oblivion now.  (Sadly, I paid more for these than I normally do.  I did manage to get five bucks knocked off the price, but it was still higher than I usually pay.)  I want these suckers out of my life.



We are: Clamco said...

They are definitely cute but they need to be repainted in a trendy color. Maybe aqua with a little light sanding for a weathered coastal flair?

Kimberly said...

Have you tried posting them on Craigslist? They look like the sort of thing that would get snapped up in a heartbeat! Try the "Baby & Kids" and "Furniture" sections.

Ms Jackie's Junque said...

Don't beat yourself up too much -- I would have bought them to resale! Now granted -- I have a couple of Albatrosses of my own! Ha Ha!

So glad to see you're up and at em after your treatments. Can't keep a good man down, right?

Both suggestions are great but I second Craigslist! Give it a try.

Shara said...

They are cute. I'd throw them on Craigslist too. They would be great in a kids room fro TV or book reading.

I have those same Pooh Nursery Wall Cutouts in my booth right now.

Lynn said...

Craigslist them. Some little girl needs them. Before it snows on them.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think they are so cute...surprised they haven't sold!

Judy said...

I wish I lived closer, I'd buy them for my grandkids. Love the painting idea. Give them a spray coat of turquoise paint. I bet they'll sell!