Friday, September 27, 2013

Literary Corner: Booth of Dreams

A Poem What I Have Wrote
By Michael Edward Mitchell, age 48
If you stack it, they will scatter it.

If you tidy it, they will mess it up.

If you put it in your booth, they will leave it somewhere else.

If someone else places it in their booth, they will leave it in yours.

If you arrange it, they will move it around.

If you stage it, they will leave their empty pop bottles in the middle of it.

If you price it, they will switch the tags.

I'm pretty sure the toy jackhammer doesn't go with the Jesus pics.

If you close it, they will open it.

If you open it, they will close it.

If you put it up, they will take it down.

If you place it, they will move it.

If you put it on a shelf, they will leave it on the floor.

If you try to sell it, they might buy it.

The other stuff, though, is a given.

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New York Erratic said...

Cute poem. :-)