Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Rambles

Well, I guess a week where I spent most of my time humming old Muppet sketches, 1990's earworms, plus this, and, somewhat inexplicably, this can't be all bad.  I think.

A quick word on that Doris Day link.  My mother used to sing that song all the time.  Only, being my mother, she'd sweep through with a grand flourish, building up through the "Will I be pretty?  Will I be rich?" line.  Then she'd stop and deadpan in this mousy little voice:  "No!"  And leave the room.  It used to crack me up.  It's probably one of those "you had to be there" moments.  Actually, it's more like one of those "you had to have known her" moments.  She was a hoot sometimes.

It's fixing to be a crazy week in my neck of the woods.  Actually, a crazy month, when you get down to it.  Next week is another furlough week from work, which means I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for that. 

On top of that, here's what is coming up in the land of booths and re-sales:

Oct 4-5:  Fall festival and outdoor sale at the Peddlers Mall.  I'll have a booth. 

Oct 12:  Outdoor sale at YesterNook.  I'll have a booth.

Oct. 19:  My yard sale.

That's a lot of prep work, on top of the usual booth routines of stocking and foofing and such.  Expect some short posts and video posts and gag posts to fill in the gaps.

Speaking of the booth, to follow up on Saturday's post:  I ended up setting a new booth record!  my total sales were $145.24!  (My old one day record was $125.)  I haven't had a $100 day in at least a year, so it was much welcome.

In fact, it had been such a slow month up to now that I was singing the blues.  I seriously just made rent on Thursday.  The Halloween stuff kicked me into high gear, so I'm pissed that I didn't get it out two weeks earlier.    Several of the autumn items have sold as well, and I typically don't sell many of those.  Many of the most expensive Halloween things have already sold, which is nice.  I always worry that I've sunk my money into a dud.  The only thing that's not really moving is costumes, but I don't have many of those.

I've actually started working on a plan to get that large booth space producing at the level it should be.  I'll have another post about what I'm doing soon.  I'm making some radical changes, some of which are already paying off.

Saturday was a good yard sale day.  A couple of my favorite sales took place, although one was a total bust this time.  In addition to the blow molds in Saturday's post, I got a lot of nice smaller items.  It was one of those days where I ended up holding stuff on my lap, because the car was so full!

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