Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Can You Hold Please?

To misappropriate Charles Dickens:  These are not the best of times, nor are they the worst of times.  These are simply, well, times.

On the one hand, the tumor in my spleen is a little bigger.  About 10% bigger.

On the other hand, the one in my liver appears to be benign.

(We have to pretend that we're aliens or octopi for this one, because we need a few more hands.)

On the next other hand, Yeravoy, the drug I just finished, does some of its work after the treatments are done, so we don't have a full picture yet.

On the other hand after that, we could just not wait for the full picture and start the next treatment.

On the newest other hand, the docs want to wait two months, do a re-scan, and then decide next steps.

On the other hand sitting over there in the corner, I won't have to do any treatments or belly shots (BLAM!) during those two months.  Just wait.

On the other hand that's in grandma's trunk in the attic, waiting is hard.

On the other hand that's in the dirty clothes basket because it's got ketchup all over it, waiting gives us the most accurate picture about what's actually going on with Tumie, as I have now named him.  I am all for making the best, most informed decisions.

So, we're waiting for two months.  I hope that's the right decision.  I told Keith I just have to choose a course of action and then let it go.  I cannot start second-guessing myself right now or I'll go crazy.  But still…

And then they called tonight to tell us that we only have until the 5th of February to be out of the Peddlers Mall, not the 10th as originally promised.  Supposedly, there was a misunderstanding.  Supposedly.  Given the way the property owners have been acting over the last six months, I have my doubts.

Anyone wanna trade lives?  I'll throw in the extra hands, if you need them.  After I get through packing up, of course.  In fact, I'm searching right now for my set of spares.  And calling my cousin Sid the Squid.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Too many on the other hands! I agree, pick a direction and go in it! Good luck with getting the booth packed.

Donna Wilkes said...

I donate a few hands long distance. I have always made a decision and not looked back at could-have-been's. You cannot second-guess yourself or let others second guess for you. On the other hand, moving the date forward just to get rid of y'all is a sin and a shame.

Shara said...

Well, on one hand this sucks. And on the other hand, it still sucks. Waiting is hard, but we are here to wait with you and for you. (((hugs))) Eddie and Keith!

Sheryl said...

I agree, second guessing your decision is just a waste of your time and energy. But then knowing what we should do and then doing that are easier said than done. Two months off belly shots is a good thing.

Roger Owen Green said...

Eddie the Octopus! On one hand, that sucks, then on the other hand, it feels optimistic, then...

Judy said...

Damn it. I agree - you can't second guess yourself. It sounds like you're going to be very busy for the next two months with the closing of the mall so hopefully it will go by quickly. Keeping you in my thoughts... Judy

Lynn said...

I always think it's better to have a plan. Even if you're not the one making it, we have to trust in those that did. That being said, I know how hard it is to wait for something. So do what you can, when you can. You know we are here for you!

Sandy in PA said...

You tell that Tumie fellow he's not the boss of you!