Saturday, January 31, 2015

Closing Day

Let's have one more round for Dixie!
Diet Doctor Pepper
Mountain Dew

Let's sit around the cashier's desk
on that red leather loveseat and swap
stories about
crazy customers
crazy vendors
our crazy lives

Let's remember the place where
everyone knew your name
and we all celebrated good sales
good times
good news
each other

Let's remember the times when we could not
because we were sad
and we helped each other out instead

Let's have one more round for Dixie!
Then order lunch
one last time
(Taco Bell again!)

Let's toast the memories of a store that would not quit
no matter what anyone else said about it

Let's drink to each other
to friends
to family

Let's have one more round for Dixie!
Diet Doctor Pepper
Mountain Dew

Michael Edward Mitchell
January 31, 2015


Lynn said...

So sad that things change! At least you have your good memories of the Peddlers Mall and your booth. I know you are going to miss it.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You will have your memories and make new one's where ever you go!

Donna Wilkes said...

My first booth was in the first antique mall in this area. It was a new concept back in the eighties. The lady who ran it was its heart and soul. The building was bought for a condo project (which still sits half-empty) This is a very nice tribute to those who made your mall special. Some people do not understand each store has a personality which can make or break it. Use that big personality of yours to make the new place successful.