Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stalling for time....

The title says it all, folks.  I need a little more time to finish writing up the wedding story and the booth adventures.  So, for today, you get cat pictures!  Because, who doesn't love cat pictures??

Chiquito has been quite the busy boy lately.  He and I are bonding in a way that's different from any other cat we've ever had.  Of course, he's different from any cat we've ever had, so there's a reason.

He's been giving me lots of Feline Lap Therapy when I need it.

He's helped with the laundry.

He woke up from a sound sleep to run and jump in the dryer when I opened it, but was clearly miffed when I insisted on piling wet clothes in there with him. It's the easiest way to get him out of there.  Toss enough wet stuff at him, and he'll leave of his own accord.  No fuss.  No drama.

He welcomed us home from Chicago.  He's happy that his parents are now married, so he's now legitimate!  He's no longer a bastard kitty!  It was really bothering him.

In fact, he welcomes us home most every night.

It's the favorite part of both our days.  And, lordy, but I need a haircut!

That's enough of the cat for now.  It's treat time for him anyway.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my little boy's world.

Tomorrow:  Cancer Updates and Pics!


We are: Clamco said...

Kitty in the dryer! One of my big fears is that I'll turn it on not knowing a cat is inside. It's never happened, but the thought of it....oh dear! Kitties are good therapy at the end of a long day. So glad you have Chiquito. He's a beauty.

Lynn said...

You already know I'm not crazy about cats but I do realize they are good therapy. Glad he is such help to you! Good to see your post.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love kitty therapy! Chiquita is a handsome fellow and such a helper!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

PS: The 'bastard' cat thing just cracked me up!

Shara said...

Thank heavens Chiquita is legitimate now. WHEW! My fat girl is asleep in the basket of hot towels as I write this. I really need to boot her hairy butt out, but she looks so happy. I guess it won't hurt anything. :)

Sheryl said...

Isn't it amazing how uh "helpful" pets are around the house. I love cats but right now I have only two border collies who insist on "helping" me no matter what. They sometimes think they are lap size which is okay until they launch themselves off of me. Nothing like a foot or elbow in the soft tissue.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Eddie, I so remember looking in the mirror and seeing the same look that I see in your eyes today. Lots of hugs. Your kitty is just what you needed. Dryer kitty - good solution for a kind and nonverbal removal. Hugs.

EM said...

I've been reading your comments to Chiquito,and he's blushing. He said to tell you all "Thank You." He's very modest and polite.

rush said...

I need kittie pictures to get through all of the crap I read in my Facebook feed! It's a happy place. We have 5, and they are pretty independent. 4 are over 15, so not much excites them any more. Webster (aka Mr. E. Meat - sound it out) has taken to making Paw Tea. He sticks his paw into my water glass, mostly unbeknownst to me. Now, that I have caught him, it gags me to think how many times I didn't! His helpfulness is something I can do without. He was the one who used to help with the laundry. He has become lazy in his old age! I'm glad Chiquito is your helper. The love never really stops if you have a cat, or 2, or 7... Oh, none of our cats are bastards as of this past October! They are still little sh*ts at times, but definitely not bastards! I'm glad you made honest men out of yourselves! No cat should be without two loving parents who are allowed to be married to each other. It keeps up the morale! Best wishes in your therapy, and I hope all goes well in the future.