Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Weekend Finds

I've already shared the stories, so today it's just the stuff.  But that's enough, isn't it?

The bunny is an old, hardened rubber toy that has cracked in several places, but is still sweet as can be.  The baby is my second Plumpee find.

Fisher-Price plane and boat.

The tag says it all.  Except that it leaves out sweet, sweet, sweet.  The sellers' mother made it.

Wooden pull toy.

Buncha small stuff.  I love the aqua dustpan, but it's filthy.  Well, it is a dustpan.  I'm not sure how much to clean it, since I don't want to lose any of the character.  The tall, thin Mary is plastic, but it is made to sit in a candlestick holder.  You can't go wrong with a bag of ornaments.

Three vintage aluminum camp sets.  Each one is full of pans, cups, utensils, etc.  The lattice work thing is a small shelf.  The black curvy things are wrought iron decor pieces in the shape of a knife and fork.

Tomorrow, I'll do the Free Comic Book Day run down.  I'm working in the yard today, trying to bring some order to the shed.


Pat said...

I like all of it, but especially the handmade duck. I would have a hard time letting go of that!

I think some of our rainy, rainy weather is headed your way so it's a good day for you to be out in the yard and the shed.

Heidi Ann said...

Neat finds! My faves are the pull toy and the vintage postcard (booklet?). I love seeing what everyone else finds!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Some sweet finds my friend!! Love the pull toy and the Fisher Price toys.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Always love a good dustpan!

We are: Clamco said...

I'm glad you showed us one of your price tags. I'm always curious to know what your items sell for. That's something you rarely mention.

Diane Mars said...

Good score I too love the old Fisher Price Toys~

Shara said...

I think you might have been channeling me on these purchases - all great vintage junk. Love that chippy dustpan and the ornaments of course. You need to be on Instagram to share your things. Because I know you are just full of free time and all....ha. Not.

Donna Wilkes said...

The black metal mesh shelf is a good seller. Originally they came in three's. I sell these as fast as I get them - sometimes I paint them if the finish is toast. What a sweet duck - I cannot believe she sold that treasure. Happy yard cleaning - such a job.

Lynn said...

Great stuff - love that the duck is a beanbag! I have a box of Fisher Price toys in the black hole, better known as the basement storage room!